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Introduction to Deaf CultureCSP-4000JF2
Would you like to learn more about the Deaf community and culture? This stand-alone course introduces Deaf culture in the United States. The course will be offered online and in American Sign Language, with an accessible format to include everyone regardless of signing abili...
Medical Assisting and Transcription Editor Profession Part 1MED-3300MCS
In partnership with CareerStep, Wake Tech offers this course as part one of a two-part program preparing students for careers in medical transcription and editing. Medical transcription is primarily a work-from-home occupation; most healthcare providers outsource the work to...
Medical Coding and Billing (Voucher Included)SEF-3001APG
There has never been a better time to enter the field of Medical Billing and Coding. Healthcare workers are in high demand, as more than 900,000 practicing physicians in the United States rely on medical billers and coders to receive payment for their services. CBCS Medical...
Medical Field Interpreter TrainingFLI-3700A7
This entry-level course helps build skills and confidence for interpreting in the medical field. Students will learn terminology and idiomatic expressions used in medicine, with an emphasis on clear communication. Practice in mock medical scenarios will allow students to use...
Medical Office AssistantMED-3006R3
This course provides training in the skills necessary to serve as a medical office assistant.
Medical ScribeHIT-3700B3
This course covers concepts and techniques for assisting physicians with documenting medical procedures and information in a medical office. Upon completion of this course students will understand the role of Medical Scribes in hospitals, clinics, and family practices, as we...
Medical Scribe - Allied Health ProfessionalSEF-3001GP
This course is designed specifically for allied health professionals in the field of medical scribing. Students engage in a simulated practice of recording verbal communication encountered during patient-doctor interaction and learn how to record clinical events as they unfo...
Medication AidePHM-4100A3
This course, taught by an NC Board of Nursing-approved instructor, allows students to meet the requirements for becoming qualified as a Medication Aide. The course covers the Six Rights of Medication Administration for Non-Licensed Personnel, and topics include medication ad...
Medication Aide Instructor TrainingPHM-4900A3
This course is designed to meet the training requirement to become a Medication Aide Instructor. Upon successful completion an individual is eligible to apply for certification listing with the North Carolina Board of Nursing.
Memorization and Note-Taking Techniques for InterpretersFLI-3700B7
Qualified interpreters and translators are in high demand, and the field is growing. This course provides training and practice in memorization and note-taking techniques, which are tremendous assets in Consecutive Interpreting (CI).
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