Financial Aid

Do not let cost keep you from attending college and moving forward with your educational and career goals. Wake Tech can help you navigate the financial aid system to make costs more manageable and higher education more accessible. Our Financial Aid specialists can help you identify sources of assistance – some of which does not have to be repaid – answer questions about applying for aid and help you keep your aid as you progress toward your degree, diploma or certificate.

In addition to financial aid to reduce the cost of attendance, Wake Tech offers a Tuition Payment Plan to split each semester's tuition and fees among multiple payments to make it easier on your budget. Also, the federal government has rolled out a student debt relief program to forgive a portion of student loans.


Review the wealth of information we have available, and feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office at 919-866-5410 or [email protected] for more details or assistance. You can also request a callback or a schedule a virtual meeting with a Financial Aid specialist.

Be sure to keep track of important deadlines throughout the process, and make use of the available videos, links and other resources as you research and apply for aid.