Wake Tech offers programs in 13 career fields – groups of occupations that require similar knowledge and skills.

Career fields provide a way for students to organize their studies and follow a path that aligns with their career interests. Students can climb an educational ladder, moving from non-degree training to a related certificate, diploma or associate degree program and possibly even transfer to a related bachelor’s degree program at a four-year college or university.

Salary and labor market information is available to help students research potential careers, and they can also seek assistance from Wake Tech Career Services as they explore options and move up the ladder toward their educational and career goals.

Become an expert in using advanced technologies to develop custom, high-quality parts, from electric vehicles to pharmaceuticals to medical equipment and devices.

Biotech careers are focused on the application of the biological sciences, biochemistry and genetics in the development and production of new products for the agricultural, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors.

Sharpen your business acumen, build managerial skills or become an entrepreneur.

Careers in communications and the arts and humanities allow you to share your ideas, insights and creativity with the world.

Plan, build, manage and maintain the places where people live, work and play.

Become that teacher who changes someone's life or support the learning process through a career in library services, resource development or educational administration.

Specialize in the science behind how things work and use scientific principles to build and design machines, structures, roads, bridges and tunnels.

Choose a career that focuses on helping people feel better and live healthier lives – at home, at work and in hospitals and other care facilities.

Coordinate special events and attractions or market travel and tourism services. Become a chef or baker, or provide personal services as a barber, esthetician or cosmetologist.

Learn the computer skills and earn the credentials that tech companies want, from programming and graphics to analytics and cybersecurity.

Protect the safety of the community and help to enforce the laws of the land.

Math and science are the foundation for the rapidly growing and high-paying STEM occupations that are increasingly vital to the operation of our high-tech world.

Become certified as a master technician, working on automobiles or specializing in heavy equipment for construction and agriculture, or build a career in management.