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Wake Tech Online ranked #1 online community college in the United States.


An appropriately created and delivered virtual course takes full advantage of best practices for creative engagement, group interaction, and instructor feedback. Studies have shown that in many cases, virtual learning experiences meet or exceed expectations. Online learning has become a widely accepted path to a traditional education.

Potential online learners should carefully explore the basic requirements of our courses by way of course preview, become familiar with the online environment in the Blackboard Orientation, and review the information available on this site prior to enrolling in an online course or program.

As beneficial as the virtual classroom can be, it is not an ideal environment for everyone. New students must complete the eLearning Intro before enrolling in an online course. Current students who have not successfully completed an online course at Wake Tech must also complete the eLearning Intro before registering for another online course.

It is our goal at Wake Tech to provide superior online learning in an environment that is as accessible to our diverse learning community as possible. Each member of our faculty and staff is committed to empowering students and facilitating success.