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Accounting and Finance
Course ID
A25800 Accounting and Finance AAS Degree
C25800F Management Accounting – Decision Making Certificate
C25800S Bookkeeping Certificate
C25800C Payroll Accounting Clerk Certificate
C25800G Advanced Accounting Core Certificate
C25800C Accounting Core Certificate
C25800B Income Tax Preparer Certificate
C25800D Accounting Software Applications Certificate
C25800E Management Accounting – Planning & Controlling Certificate
D25800 Accounting Diploma
Advertising and Graphic Design
Course ID
A30100 Advertising & Graphic Design AAS Degree
C30100A Graphic Design Certificate
C30100B Web & Graphic Design Certificate
C30100D Advanced Graphic Design Certificate
C30100E Design Basics Certificate
C30100F Design Portfolio Certificate
Associate in Arts
Course ID
A10100 Associate in Arts - AA Degree
Baking and Pastry Arts
Course ID
C55130D Cake Decorator’s Certificate
Business Administration
Course ID
A25120M Marketing AAS Degree
A25120A General Business Administration AAS Degree
A25120G Global Business Management AAS Degree
A25120H Human Resources Management AAS Degree
A25120PM Project Management AAS Degree
C25120D Business Administration: Business Core Certificate
C25120HA Business Administration: Human Resources Administration
C25120G Business Administration: Career Success Certificate
C25120C Business Administration: Entrepreneurship Certificate
C25120HB Business Administration: Human Resources Management Certificate
C25120GB Business Administration: International Business Certificate
C25120F Business Administration: Leadership Certificate
C25120PM Business Administration: Project Management Certificate
C25120MM Business Administration: Marketing and Sales Certificate
C25120DM Business Administration: Advertising and Digital Media Certificate
Business Analytics
Course ID
A25350 Business Analytics AAS
C25350E Logistics Analytics Certificate
C25350C Marketing Analytics Certificate
C25350F Finance Analytics Certificate
C25350A Business Intelligence Certificate
C25350B Business Analyst Certificate
Computed Tomography
Course ID
C45200 Computed Tomography Certificate
Computer Programming & Development
Course ID
C25590JV Java Programming Certificate
C25590PF Programming Fundamentals Certificate
C25590CZ C# Programming Certificate
C25590JS JavaScript Certificate
Course ID
A55140 Cosmetology AAS Degree
D55140A Cosmetology Diploma Program
Criminal Justice Technology
Course ID
A55180 Criminal Justice Technology AAS
C55180P Criminal Justice Technology - Introduction Certificate
C55180R Police Records Specialist
C55180B Security & Intelligence Analysis
Course ID
D25590HF Hacking & Forensics - Diploma
Data Science and Programming Support Services
Course ID
C25590PY Python Programming Certificate
Early Childhood Education
Course ID
C55220G Preschool Foundation Certificate
C55220E School Age Certificate
Emergency Medical Science
Course ID
A45340B Emergency Medical Science Bridge
Fire Protection Technology
Course ID
A55240 Fire Protection Technology - AAS Degree
C55240A Fire Protection Technology: Basic Certificate
C55240B Loss Control/Investigation Certificate
C55240C Fire Management Certificate
Healthcare Business Informatics
Course ID
A25590HB Healthcare Business Informatics - AAS Degree
Hospitality Management
Course ID
C25110F Hospitality Management Core - Certificate
Human Services Technology
Course ID
A4538E Human Services Technology- Substance Abuse - AAS Degree
C4538C Mental Health Certificate
Medical Office Administration
Course ID
A25310H Healthcare Administration
A25310P Medical Office Professional Degree
A25310B Medical Billing and Coding Degree
C25310P Medical Office Professional Certificate
D25310P Medical Office Professional Diploma
Mobile Applications Developer
Course ID
A25590MA Mobile Applications Developer
C25590MA Android Application Developer Certificate
C25590MI iOS Application Developer Certificate
Network Management
Course ID
C25590CA Cisco Network Associate
C25590LS Linux Security Specialist
C25590LX Linux Certified IT Professional
C25590MS Microsoft Certified IT Professional
C25590WS Global Windows Security Administrator
Office Administration
Course ID
A25370P Office Professional - AAS
A25370F Office Finance
A25370S Office Software
A25370L Legal Office
C25370P Office Professional Certificate
C25370S Office Software Certificate
C25370L Legal Office
D25370P Office Professional Diploma
Supply Chain Management
Course ID
A25620G Supply Chain Management - Global Logistics Technology - AAS Degree
A25620D Supply Chain Management - Distribution Management AAS Degree
C25620GA Logistics Core - Certificate
C25620GC Supply Chain - Certificate
C25620GB International Logistics - Certificate
C25620DA Distribution Management Core - Certificate
C25620DB Transportation Management - Certificate
Technical Support
Course ID
C25590HD IT Help Desk Technician Certificate
C25590NS Networking Support Certificate
Web Designer
Course ID
A25590DM Web Designer AAS Program
C25590WB Web Development Basics Certificate
C25590DV Front-End Developer Certificate
C25590DM Web Designer Certificate
C25590AW Advanced Web Designer Certificate
Web Developer
Course ID
A25590WD Web Developer AAS Degree
C25590AD Advanced Web Developer Certificate
C25590WD Web Developer Certificate


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