Wake Tech delivers education through 10 core divisions that make up University Transfer programs (Associate in Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Engineering and Associate in Fine Arts) and Career programs (Associate in Applied Science).

Learn to use living systems and organisms to develop or make life-sustaining products.

From accounting, finance and insurance to management and marketing, learn business-related disciplines and combine your training with essential workplace skills.

Get hands-on instruction in engineering, design, skilled trades and construction, with an Associate in Engineering option to pursue a four-year degree in engineering.

Gain the knowledge and skills for careers in hospitals, labs, physician practices, nursing homes and other health care settings.

IT programs align with the needs of business and industry, providing relevant and up-to-date degrees, diplomas and certificates that give students the skills and credentials in the highest demand.

Courses parallel those taught in the first two years at a four-year college or university in a range of disciplines, including history, foreign languages, psychology and fine arts.

Take programs that provide a foundation for pursuing a four-year degree in math, science, computers or other disciplines requiring a strong math and science background.

Prepare for one of the most exciting and challenging professions in health care.

Train for degrees and industry-recognized certifications leading to careers in fire, corrections, detention, Emergency Medical Science, forensics and law enforcement.

Become a highly skilled technician by learning the complex systems that must be repaired and maintained, with practical knowledge of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical theory.