Human Resources

Welcome to the Human Resources Department

Welcome to the Human Resources Department at Wake Technical Community College. Our mission is to provide future, current and past employees with the highest level of customer service, while maintaining an atmosphere of professionalism and confidentiality. We will work to implement and enforce procedures and policies which will ensure the employment practices of the College comply with all applicable laws.

Recruiting, Hiring, Training & Serving Quality Employees

It is our goal to recruit the highest quality employees throughout the state. We are working to implement new procedures and expand hiring practices to recruit a diverse and well-rounded work force by tapping into community resources.

We strive to help hiring agents find the most qualified and professional employees to meet institutional needs. We work hard to ensure all procedures and hiring practices comply with applicable laws and maintain confidentiality.

We have provided several orientation sessions to educate employees on new benefits programs. We are developing training programs to help hiring agents with the hiring process.

We serve the employees of Wake Technical Community College. We will continue to be available and accessible to all employees. We provide professional and quality customer service.

Quality Empowers People (QEP)
As part of the Wake Tech's QEP Program, six basic Core Values have been established to help guide departments to achieve institutional goals.  The Human Resources Department uses these Core Values each day to improve our department.