Business Services provides goods and services to all Wake Tech divisions and departments to support instruction, research and college administration.

College Police officers and security guards patrol Wake Tech campuses and work with local emergency responders – law enforcement, fire services and emergency medical services – to respond to campus emergencies.
Communications & Marketing oversees internal and external communications for Wake Tech to foster clear communication among students, faculty and staff. It also presents the college to the public in a consistent and compelling way to advance Wake Tech's brand.

Wake Tech allows groups and organizations to use college facilities for educational purposes when the facilities aren't being used for classes or other college activities and when the outside use doesn't conflict with programs or classes already being offered by the college.

Facilities Operations supports the mission of the college by operating and maintaining nearly 400 acres of land and about 2.3 million square feet of building space at six major campuses and several smaller sites.

Financial Services handles everything related to money for the college, including collecting tuition payments from students, paying vendors for their services and processing payroll and supplementary payments to employees.

Government Relations and Strategic Partnerships works to strengthen relationships with local, federal and state officials and agencies to enhance their understanding of Wake Tech's contributions and improve the college's competitive stance for new projects and appropriations.

Human Resources provides future, current and past employees with the highest level of customer service while maintaining an atmosphere of professionalism and confidentiality.

ITS supports student learning, faculty teaching and college operations through the use of information technology.

The purpose of Institutional Effectiveness & Research is to develop strategies that improve instructional and administrative services at Wake Tech. The IE process focuses on gaining useful knowledge and not exclusively on reaching specific goals.

The Ombuds is an impartial resource for students, faculty, staff and administrators, helping them find options to address concerns, resolve conflicts and handle a variety of institutional issues in a confidential and informal manner.

Sponsored Programs works with faculty and staff to submit competitive grant proposals and works with funding organizations to administer funded projects. It also represents the college in relationships with state and federal agencies.

Workforce Continuing Education offers a variety of non-degree classes for career enhancement and professional development, high school completion, English language mastery and personal interest.