Administrative Departments

Business Services provides goods and services to all Wake Tech divisions and departments to support instruction, research, and college administration.

Campus police officers and security guards patrol Wake Tech campuses and work with emergency responders that have local jurisdiction – law enforcement, fire services, and emergency medical services – to respond to campus emergencies. 

Communications includes Public & Media Relations, Marketing, Creative Services, and Digital Communications. Our mission is to work with all members of the college community to present Wake Tech to the public in a compelling way.

Curriculum Education Services offers more than 200 associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates in the arts and sciences, business, engineering, and general education, as well as college transfer for entry into a four-year university.

The purpose of Wake Tech’s Effectiveness and Innovation Service Area is to support the college’s mission through the application of improvement, innovation, and transformation strategies and practices, targeted at increasing stakeholder access to and success with high-quality programs, services, and products.

The Wake Tech Department of Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) is dedicated to the reduction of risks in the college community and the promotion of safety and environmental stewardship as a value in our culture.

Wake Tech allows groups and organizations to use College facilities for educational purposes when those facilities are not in use for classes or other college activities, and are not in direct conflict with programs or classes already being offered by the College.

Wake Tech’s Facility Operations Division supports the mission of the college by operating and maintaining a total of 390.25 acres of land and approximately 2,279,965 square feet of building space, at five major campuses and several smaller sites. 

The Human Resources Department at Wake Technical Community College provides future, current and past employees with the highest level of customer service, while maintaining an atmosphere of professionalism and confidentiality. 

ITS supports student learning, faculty teaching, and college operations through the use of information technology.

The purpose of IE, Accreditation, and Research is to develop strategies that improve instructional and administrative services at Wake Tech. The IE process focuses on gaining useful knowledge and not exclusively on reaching specific goals.

The Ombuds is an impartial resource for students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The Ombuds’ function is to help visitors to the office find options for addressing concerns, resolving conflicts, and handling a variety of institutional issues as they arise, in a confidential and informal manner.

The mission of the Office of  Sponsored Programs and Federal Relations is to empower our faculty and staff to learn new skills and enhance the college’s ability to vision and develop unique programs that meet its programmatic needs.

Workforce Continuing Education Services offers a wide variety of non-credit classes for career enhancement and professional development, high school completion, English language mastery, and personal interest.