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Progression Rate Calculator

To determine how many hours you need to earn in future semesters to comply with the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy, you can enter information into the SAP Calculator to assist you.

You can find most of the information required in your unofficial academic transcripts located in WebAdvisor.  Your transcript does not include a value for pre-curriculum courses or courses with a "W" or "WF" grade. Financial Aid is required by regulation to include all attempted course work, including pre-curriculum coursework, when calculating your GPA and progression rate. Please refer to the College Catalog for assistance in determining  the appropriate credits for courses.    

Please Note: Your transcript does not include a value for pre-curriculum courses or courses with a "W" ,”WP ’’or "WF" grade
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Cumulative GPA Calculator

Credit Hours
Class 1 (i.e. MAT 122)
Class 2 (i.e. ENG 101)
Class 3
Class 4
Class 5
Class 6
Class 7
Class 8


*Refer to your unofficial transcript and enter your current cumulative GPA and earned credit hours. Remember to include pre-curriculum courses.
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Target GPA Calculator

Use this calculator to determine what GPA you will need to obtain in a current term to reach an overall goal GPA. Enter your current GPA (including any pre-curriculum courses) and total hours completed from your transcript. Then enter your goal GPA and the number of hours in your current term. The calculator will determine what GPA you need to obtain in that term to reach the overall goal.
Grade Points
F, WF=0.0

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