Important Financial Aid Dates and Deadlines

Financial aid document processing updates

Financial Aid Office staff are currently processing documents received on the following dates:

Document type
Received documents (email/fax/mail) scanned to records
June 9
Verification documents reviewed by specialists
May 24
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) appeal
April 28
Maximum Time Frame appeal
May 25
Initial FAFSA review
June 9

FAFSA priority deadlines

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) has to be completed each academic year in order to receive any federal and state aid, most institutional aid and most scholarships.

To ensure aid is available to charge tuition, fees and books, the FAFSA and any required paperwork should be submitted by the following Wake Tech priority deadlines:

If you plan to enroll for:
Complete the FAFSA by:
Submit paperwork by:
Fall Semester
June 1
July 1
Spring Semester
October 1
November 1
Summer Term
April 1
May 1

Payment deadlines

Registration Dates
Payment Deadlines
Registered by August 9 for Fall 2022
Payment is due August 9, by 5 p.m. at the Cashier’s Office or by midnight online via Self-Service.
Registered during Schedule Adjustment Period after August 10
Payment is due the same day you register, by 5 p.m. at the Cashier’s Office or by midnight online via Self-Service.

Tuition Payment Plan deadlines

You must be registered for courses before you can enroll in the payment plan. Pending financial aid may create a credit balance on your account and prevent enrollment in the plan.

Nelnet charges a $25 nonrefundable enrollment fee each semester you participate in the plan. The fee is added to your first payment. Once enrolled in the plan, subsequent payments are drafted automatically on the payment due date.

Summer 2022

Down payment
Date(s) of additional payment(s)
By May 10
50% (plus $25 enrollment fee)
June 20 (50%)


Fall 2022

Down payment
Date(s) of additional payment(s)
July 2-31
33% by July 31 (plus $25 enrollment fee)
August 20 (33%), September 20 (33%)
August 1-9
50% by August 9 (plus $25 enrollment fee)
September 20 (50%)

Financial aid refunds

Summer 2022

Requirements* met by
Disbursement date

*Requirements include signing a Master Promissory Note, completing entrance counseling and acknowledging Wake Tech's Financial Aid terms and conditions.

**Denotes earliest disbursements for enrollment exclusively in classes in second eight-week and second five-week sessions (start dates of 05/31/2022 and later).

If you are taking courses in a combination of sessions that include the second eight-week term your financial aid will in most instances be paid in two disbursements.

SAP appeals

Fall 2022

Fall SAP appeals will be reviewed according to the following schedule, provided appropriate documentation is submitted along with the appeal:

Appeal submitted
By June 1
By June 20
By June 15
By June 30
By July 1
By July 15
By July 15
By August 1
By August 2
By August 14
By August 14
By August 31
By August 31
By September 23
By September 15
By October 5
By September 29
By October 20

NOTE: A Fall appeal submitted while enrolled during the Summer term will not be reviewed until Summer grades are available. Students enrolled in Summer courses will have a decision by August 14 if they submit their appeal by August 2.