Cashier's Office


Wake Technical Community College will be closed from 12/21/2018 through 01/01/2019 for a holiday break. We will re-open on 01/02/2019

During this time the Cashier's voicemail will not be monitored. If you need immediate assistance regarding financial holds on you account; please send an email to [email protected]. This email will be monitored periodically throughout the break. Be sure to include your name, student ID number, and a description of your situation.  


Spring 2019 registration has begun!!

Please note that registration dates for returning students will depend on the number of completed credits you have. To determine your specific registration date and time please visit the link below. 

Wake Technical Community College Priority Registration Dates and Times

Spring 2019 Payment Deadlines:

Registered Between 10/31/2018 and 12/12/2018 December 12, 2018
Registered Between 12/13/2018 and 1/3/2019 January 3, 2019

For information about enrolling in the Nelnet Payment Plan offered by Wake Technical Community College click below! 

Nelnet payment plan details! Click Here! 


To determine when you will receive your Financial Aid refund please visit the Financial Aid Refund Schedule Page. Please also make sure you have successfully selected your refund preference through BankMobile to ensure you receive your refund in a timely fashion. Steps to complete this process are mentioned below.

The Cashier's Office provides cashiering services to our customers in an efficient, timely, professional, courteous, and customer-oriented manner in accordance with the mission of the college and by following the regulations of all appropriate governing agencies while implementing sound financial procedures and controls.

BankMobile Refund Overview
Financial Aid student refunds are processed through BankMobile.
Financial Aid Refund Schedule Tuition & Costs
Tuition rates are set by the NCCCS Board and approved by the State Legislature.
BankMobile Website 1098-T FAQs Tuition Payment Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay my tuition?

Four convenient ways to pay tuition 

  1. On-Line (Login required) - with or without Payment Plan To pay online: log into WebAdvisor and select “Current Curriculum Student”, then "Financial Information, and click on “My Student Account”, then “Student Finance”. If you are enrolled in the payment plan or would like to enroll, select “Pay with Payment Plan”. If not enrolled in the payment plan, select "Pay in Full".
  2. Mobile App -  Using the Wake Tech App [Download here...], press the 'hamburger' menu in the upper left corner.
    • Under the "Academics" heading, select "Student Financials"
    • Sign in using your key account and password.
    • Once signed in, select "Pay My Bill" to view your "Account Summary". 
    • Select the option of "Pay in Full" or "Pay with Payment Plan"
  3. In Person - Cashiers Hours and Locations
  4. By Mail -checks only -include student ID & phone # on a check payable to:
    Wake Technical Community College
    ATTN: Financial Services
    9101 Fayetteville Rd. 
    Raleigh, NC 27603

I dropped a class how do I get my refund?

Refunds are sent out through a partnered company called BankMobile.  If you have a refund, BankMobile will send you a green envelope with your personal code to activate your account and select your preference on how you would like to receive your refund. This is called your Refund Selection Kit.  If you do not receive your Refund Selection Kit in the mail, BankMobile will send an email to your Wake Tech email address with your personal code and instructions on how to activate your account. You are also able to issue yourself a personal code via the instructions under the "What if I never received a green envelope from BankMobile" FAQ below.

What is BankMobile?

Wake Technical Community College has partnered with BankMobile to deliver our curriculum and financial aid refunds.  You will use your personal code obtained in the Refund Selection Kit to select your refund preference.  The Refund Selection Kit will be mailed to the address we have on file and also emailed to your Wake Tech email address.

What if I never received a green envelope from BankMobile?

Follow these steps to receive your personal code:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Need a code” under the “Your Code Box”
  3. Type in the “School Name” and click on “ Wake Technical Community College”
  4. Type in your “Student ID Number” in the box
  5. Type in your “Wake Tech Email Address” in the box (No personal emails)
  6. Click "Continue" and confirm information

I lost my student ID can I get another one?

Yes, you will need to go to the Cashier's Office and pay $5.00 for a replacement ID card. Then, visit with the Campus Police with your receipt to have a new card issued to you. 

How do I get a parking decal for my vehicle?

Parking decals are included in the tuition you pay per semester. Parking decals can be picked up at multiple locations. These are normally issued to you by the Campus Police at each location.   

What are the accepted methods of payment?

We accept Cash, Checks, Money Orders, Visa, and Mastercards. 

Who do I contact if I am being charged out-of-state tuition when I am in-state?

For any questions regarding student residency, you will need to contact the Residency Determination Service at [email protected]

Residency Determination Service

Why is there a hold on my account?

Holds are placed on accounts when a past due balance is owed. If the balance has been paid online, contact the Cashier at [email protected] to have the hold removed.

How do I set up a Tuition Payment Plan?

To register for a payment plan you will need to log into WebAdvisor and select “Current Curriculum Student”, then "Financial Information", and click on “My Student Account”, then “Student Finance”. If you a would like to enroll in the payment plan, select “Pay with Payment Plan”. This will bring you to the Nelnet website to register for the payment plan.

If you need assistance setting up the payment plan; please view the video in the link below.

Who do I contact for a billing dispute?

Billing disputes can be done by completing a short form. These will be decided on via the Wake Technical Community College Billing Dispute Committee. This form can be found by following the steps below.

  • Log into
  • Click the "Menu" button on the top left portion of the page.
  • Under the student section click "Electronic Forms"
  • Click "Bill Dispute Form"

Once completed you will be informed when a decision is made.   

What happens if I cannot pay for my classes by the deadline?

Students who have not paid for their classes by the deadline will be dropped from those classes and will need to re-register and pay for the classes.

Can I get an extension on the deadline for my payment?

No, these are strict deadlines and they cannot be changed.  If you cannot make the full payment by the deadline you can register for the Tuition Payment Plan.

Am I required to pay for a class if I am on the waitlist?

No, you will not be charged or able to pay for a specific class until you are fully enrolled in it.

Can I pay for part of my tuition at the Cashier's Office and the remainder online?

No, we are unable to accept partial payments at the Cashier's Office.  If you need more time to pay, we recommend signing up for the Tuition Payment Plan.

Can I pay my tuition over the phone?

No, due to credit card security rules, we are unable to accept payments over the phone.

Can you tell me my child's account balance so I can pay for it?

FERPA authorization must be submitted by the student before account information can be provided.  

Learn more about FERPA