Accounts Receivable

We are responsible for ensuring that all student accounts are accurate, and for collecting any overdue balances. We also put a "Financial Services Hold" on accounts when monies are owed to the college.  If you owe money to the college, a "Financial Services Hold" will be placed on your account and you will not be able to register for classes, graduate, and/or receive a transcript until your balance is paid in full.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have a "Financial Services Hold" on my account & What should I do?

When an account has an outstanding balance of $5 or greater a “Financial Services Hold” is placed. The most common reason for a "Financial Services Hold" on an account is missing financial aid paperwork. Other reasons could include:               

  • Insufficient aid to cover balance in full
  • Parking citations
  • Library fines
  • Graduation fees

You should check your Self Service account. Also make sure to monitor your Wake Technical Community College email account for communications from the following offices:

  • Financial Aid
  • Financial Services
  • Registration & Student Records Services

It is required that you review your financial aid status in Self Service on the My Financial Aid page on a regular basis. You may receive a bill if you have not received your financial aid award letter. If you have enrolled in classes and started the semester but you have not received your letter, you are responsible for any charges incurred. Contact Financial Aid at 919-866-5410 or [email protected] for assistance.

If you are still unable to determine why you have a hold or need the charges explained, contact the Cashier at [email protected].

I don't agree with the amount on my account statement. What should I do?

Contact Accounts Receivable at 919-866-5260 or 919-866-5729.  

I'm expecting a refund. Where is it?

Make sure you have selected a refund preference with BankMobile, the company that processes refunds. Financial Aid Disbursement dates can be found on the Financial Aid Website under Important Information Regarding Processing.

Who are Williams and Fudge & why do they say I owe Wake Tech money?

Williams & Fudge is a collection agency that aids Wake Technical Community College in the recovery of education-related fees. If a student's account is more than 90 days past due it will be forwarded to Williams & Fudge for collection. Williams & Fudge is located in Rock Hill, SC, and can be contacted at 1-800-849-9791 or You can also contact Accounts Receivable at 919-866-5260 or 919-866-5729 for additional details.

Why was my NC State Tax Refund or Lottery winnings taken & sent to Wake Technical Community College?

A student's account can be turned over to The NC Department of Revenue Debt Setoff Program if a student owes the college a debt of $50 or more and the account has been delinquent for more than 90 days.
Once an account has been placed with the Debt Setoff Program, it will remain with the NC Department of Revenue until the debt has been paid in full or no longer meets the requirements. 

I withdrew and dropped all my classes. Why did I get a bill?

Withdrawing from or dropping a course does not negate a student's financial responsibility for tuition and fees. A 25% penalty is incurred when a class is dropped without adding a class first. A student is financially responsible for 100% of tuition and fees when he or she withdraws from a class after the drop/add period.