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Undocumented policy FAQs

Can an undocumented person enroll at Wake Tech?

The North Carolina legislature allows a person who is in the United States with no lawful status and graduated from a U.S. high school, home school or private school to enroll at Wake Tech. Unfortunately, a high school equivalency does not qualify.

What are the admissions procedures for an undocumented person to enroll?

An undocumented person follows Wake Tech’s general admissions procedures to enroll. Unfortunately, exceptions do exist, as an undocumented person is unable to enroll in any competitive-entry, limited-entry, wait-listed or licensure curriculum programs.

What happens after the admissions procedures are completed?

After the admissions procedures are completed, the next step is to meet with an academic advisor for course planning.

What is the course registration procedure?

An undocumented student is required to wait until after the visiting student registration date each semester to register for classes.

Is there an earlier or alternate registration date?

Unfortunately, there is no earlier date to register. This regulation is set by the North Carolina legislature, and registration must be completed on the allowed registration date.

What is the tuition rate?

The tuition rate for an undocumented student is set at the out-of-state rate. However, if you were lawfully admitted to the U.S. and have the documentation to show the lawful admission, regardless of your current immigration status, and graduated from a public high school in North Carolina, you may qualify for a tuition exception at the in-state rate.

Is the payment plan an option?

Yes, The Registrar's Office has more information on the Tuition Payment Plan.

Are federal aid or scholarships available?

Unfortunately, undocumented students are not eligible for financial aid. For scholarships, students can turn to the Wake Tech Foundation. For resources not affiliated with Wake Tech, students can check the following

What happens if a student’s immigration status changes?

If a student's immigration status changes, please notify the International Student Office, with documentation, at [email protected] to be informed on how to proceed.