Medical Programs

Class Format:

Non-credit medical classes are offered in the following formats. 

1. Seated - All hours will be completed in a traditional, in-class setting on campus.

2. Online - All hours will be completed via Moodle where assignments and learning materials will be available for students to complete from their computer.

3. Hybrid - Hours will consist of two components combining the seated and online methods. Students will meet in class and then complete further study via Moodle, online from their computer.

Questions? Contact Allied Health: 
[email protected]

Please note:
Wake Tech offers medical training in a variety of formats, as well as through our online educational partners, such as Ed2Go and Career Step. For the programs listed below, only those courses shown in the Program Outline make up the curriculum for that particular program. Other courses can’t be supplemented. Learn about similar training from our educational partners.

Registration if you are under 18 years old:
You must be at least 16 years old to register for a Medical Programs class. 
Students under 18 years old are not eligible to register and pay for a Medical Programs class online. Please contact Grayson Halstead at [email protected] or 919-747-0077 for information about how to register.