Tuition and Fees - Paid Directly to the College


Cost / Student


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Student Administration Fee ($20/term)


Computer Technology Fee ($1/ credit hour /semester)


Campus Access Fee (3 [email protected] $50/term)


Professional Liability Insurance (3 terms @ $6/term)
Note: Mandatory for Health Sciences students


Textbooks and Supplies
(Fall term $400; Spring term $300; Summer term $100)


Graduation Fee


CPR Class


Physical Examination (approximate – costs vary depending on immunizations)


Massage table & bolster


Massage supplies  (lotions and oils)


Student membership in professional organization (optional)


Clinic uniform shirt


After Graduation Expenses

Massage and Bodywork Licensing Exam [MBLEx]


Total Initial State License Fees (NCBMBT)


State Privilege License (Annual) 
(Additional Local License Fees Vary)


NOTE: All costs are estimates and subject to change. Tuition is established by the State Board of Community Colleges and the North Carolina General Assembly and is subject to change without notice.

The Wake Tech Financial Aid program exists to ensure that no qualified student will be denied the opportunity to continue his or her education because of economic disadvantages. Through a program of scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans, the students enrolled at the college are able to supplement their own resources and the resources of their families to complete a course of study.