Transfer Equivalency

Wake Tech has partnered with CollegeSource TES® to provide students with our library of established transfer equivalencies from institutions from which we have previously transferred credit.

If you need assistance navigating the library, please refer to our instructions.

If you do not see a course listed in the library, this does not mean that you will not receive credit upon transfer. We have not had the opportunity to evaluate every course from every institution. The library is always growing. If one of your courses has not been listed, we will evaluate the course when we receive your official transcript. If transfer credit is granted, we will add the course to the library for future students.

Transfer credit policies

For more information on transfer credits, see our transfer credit page.


Advising information
Academic Advising is one of the most critical components for student success at Wake Tech. Advising helps students select courses, answer questions about their program of study, set academic goals and ensure students are ready for registration.