Certified Pool Operator

Industry-recognized credential: Become certified by the National Swimming Pool Foundation®. Earn your CPO® certification, demonstrating your ability to service and maintain swimming pools and spas.

Complete in: 3 months or less

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Certified Pool OperatorSEF-3001AW21 available classes
This introductory course focuses on swimming pool and spa operations, based on Pool and Tub Alliance (PHTA) recommendations. It covers water circulation, contamination, disinfection, and balance, along with essential calculations. The course also includes filtration, heating...
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How long does the course take?

Wake Tech offers a 2 day, 16 hour class. We offer this class at multiple locations around Wake County. 

Does the state I live in require CPO® certification?

The requirement for pool and spa operator certification is determined by each individual state health department. You should contact the health department in your state to determine its training requirements. This certification is accepted in all 50 US states and multiple other countries.

When does the CPO® certification expire?

CPO® certification is valid for five years from the date you were certified. Locate the class date on your certificate or wallet card and add five years. You must complete another certification process on or before that date in order for your Certified Pool/Spa Operator® certification to remain active.

How do I recertify after 5 years?

You can take the same 2-day Certified Pool Operator® course offered by Wake Tech to satisfy your original certification AND recertification needs. 

Does Wake County have any additional certification requirements?

Wake County requires any commercial pool operator to successfully complete the Wake County pool rules exam. To schedule a time to take this exam call 919- 856-7400.

How do I prepare for the course once enrolled?

The course contains basic math (adding, subtracting, division, and basic algebra/geometry). Studying some math related problems will help. Come prepared and well rested.