Animal Care

Turn your love for animals into a successful career! Wake Tech provides instruction and hands-on practice to gain knowledge and develop skills to work in the pet care industry. Learn how to become a professional dog groomer, become a dog trainer, and learn practical wildlife rehabilitation for mammals and raptors. Discover opportunities available in the industry or start your own service business in the growing field of pet and animal care. 

Course Details & Registration Information

Practical Wildlife Rehabilitation - RaptorsSEF-3001DK21 available classes
Taught by one of the few federally-licensed raptor rehabilitators in the area, this course will teach you how to rescue eagles, owls, hawks, falcons, and vultures. Course sections include capturing and controlling the animals, basic emergency care, supportive care, licensing...
Becoming a Dog TrainerANS-3500A2
Learn about the foundations of dog training. Discover theory, training psychology, and behavior modification techniques. Experience hands-on learning with a variety of breeds and temperaments. Learn how to identify the importance of dog body language, play styles, socializat...
Veterinary Medical TerminologyANS-3011GE
Learn the language unique to the veterinary field – the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of animals – in this online course. You’ll learn terminology and how to use it through a process that builds on commonly used parts of words. Each lesson builds on the foundation, with...
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