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Are you interested in becoming a realtor? Wake Tech can prepare you for the the North Carolina Real Estate Commission licensing exam. We also offer a variety of courses for realtor professionals to earn their required Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

We also offer classes on flipping houses and investing in real estate property. 

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"Flip It"...A look into investing in today's real estate marketSEF-3001EO2
Examine investment opportunities in real estate, including personal residences, rental properties, and "flips," and learn how to determine which investments are smart ones. Homeowners will learn to evaluate their homes as investments, calculating value accurately, considerin...
Creative Real Estate InvestingSEF-3001A2
Learn how to invest in real estate – how to find, evaluate, buy, sell, finance, and manage multiple properties. This course, for the beginning investor or the seasoned manager, includes negotiation “secrets” and teaches you about short sales, REOs, and much more.
Interior DesignCSP-4000L3
Let a designer show you how to organize your home and make it more beautiful, considering space, flow, focal points, furniture, fabric, paint and papering, lighting, and accessories. Learn to measure, install, and touch up. Experiment with paint techniques. This class is for...
Introduction to Commercial Property ManagementCSP-4000FL2
Properly managed real estate can increase profits for owners and investors – and qualified property managers are absolutely essential! This course will help you become a better property manager, whether you’re already working in entry-level property management or considering...
Pathways to a Real Estate Career: Exploring How to Start Buying, Selling & Flipping HousesHRD-3004BF2
Real estate is a flexible industry with unlimited income potential, and this course will help students explore how to become a real estate broker or sales agent. Students will learn about the education, licenses, certifications, and registrations needed to work in the field...
Pathways to Careers in Interior Design and Home StagingHRD-3004BG2
If you like to make a room or office look and feel beautiful, take this class to explore the world of interior design and home staging. This class will examine the job duties, work environments, and educational requirements. Students will learn about the varied employment...
Real Estate LawRLS-3700AE
Learn the basics of real estate law, including investing, title searching, mortgages, and associated legal issues. This course will help you master the essentials, with examples and hands-on exercises that will help you apply what you’ve learned in a real estate practice or...
Real Estate Postlicensing: Special TopicRLS-3704A2
This course is the third of three courses designed to assist the provisional broker to meet the 90-hour post-licensing educational requirements set forth by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. This course consists of high-level advanced instruction covering special to...
Real Estate Provisional BrokerRLS-3700A2
This pre-licensing course meets NC Real Estate Commission requirements for submitting a provisional broker application to the state. The course will introduce students to real estate principles, with a strong emphasis on real estate law and practice.
Real Estate: General UpdateSEF-3001EJ2
Provisional brokers and brokers who are NOT Brokers-in-Charge or Broker-in-Charge eligible must complete the General Update course.
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