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Career Seeking Skills for Translators and InterpretersHRD-3004AW41 available classes
This course will explore the skills necessary to become an interpreter and/or translator. Students will learn the difference between being an interpreter and a translator and have the opportunity to assess their language skills for either industry. They will understand the...
Grammar Refresher Part 1SEF-3001AV21 available classes
Gain confidence in your ability to produce clean, grammatically correct work. You'll explore the basics of English grammar--like comma rules, correct punctuation and capitalization--and lots more. Reacquaint yourself with old, forgotten rules, meet some new ones, and revisit...
Grammar Refresher Part 2SEF-3001AU21 available classes
In this class we will pick up where we left off in Part 1. We'll begin with a self-paced quiz to review the topics from Part 1 and continue on hitting important grammar topics. Get clear on apostrophes and the who/whom dilemma, and learn more about correct comma use.We will...
Grant Writing Level 1SEF-798621 available classes
This workshop will help you develop grant writing skills that are essential for acquiring competitive funding – from government agencies or private foundations. Beginners will learn essential tools for writing winning grant proposals. Those with more experience will sharpen...
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt CertificationSEF-378CL1 available classes
Students entering this training will gain a detailed understanding of six sigma principals and project-applicable best practices. The program includes intensive training and hands-on exercises that will train each participant how to deploy and lead process improvement strate...
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt CertificationSEF-3001CP12 available classes
In this training, students will work with detailed Value Stream Maps and identify areas of waste, with an in-depth look at the sources of defects and associated quality issues. They will apply Lean Six Sigma tools – including statistical analysis – to reduce waste and verify...
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt CertificationSEF-3001CN16 available classes
This course introduces the core methodologies of the Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement Model (D.M.A.I.C.), which combines the disciplines of Lean and Six Sigma. The course provides an overview of Lean Six Sigma and introduces the core concepts of the LSS process improvement...
Legal Field Interpreter TrainingFLI-3700D21 available classes
Career opportunities for interpreters and translators continue to grow. Start your training today in this entry-level course designed to develop the skills and confidence for interpreting in the legal field. You will learn legal terminology and idiomatic expressions, with an...
Medical Field Interpreter TrainingFLI-3700A71 available classes
This entry-level course helps build skills and confidence for interpreting in the medical field. Students will learn terminology and idiomatic expressions used in medicine, with an emphasis on clear communication. Practice in mock medical scenarios will allow students to use...
Memorization and Note-Taking Techniques for InterpretersFLI-3700B71 available classes
Qualified interpreters and translators are in high demand, and the field is growing. This course provides training and practice in memorization and note-taking techniques, which are tremendous assets in Consecutive Interpreting (CI).
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