Hospitality Certification Program

Get a comprehensive overview of the hospitality industry, facets of service, and latest trends. Emphasis is on the latest technology tools used in the industry as well as operations and the philosophy of service. Find out about the many career opportunities, such as hotels, restaurants, meetings, events, and more. You'll be prepared for the challenges faced by professionals in hospitality management and gain a global perspective on industry issues.

Industry-recognized credential: American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, National Restaurant Association, TIPS Certification

**Work-based Learning (paid internships) available for students during this program! Contact us at 919-866-6158 to learn more.**

Complete in: 3 months or less

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Industry Recognized Credential

Certifications include:

  1. Opera Property Management System: Front office software used in most major hotels.
  2. Host U Certification: Knowledge in Spirits, Beer, Wine and Non-Alcoholic Beverages.
  3. ServSafe Certification: Food safety training that provides essential knowledge and skills.
  4. Front Desk Representative Online Training
  5. Wake Tech Community College Certification of Completion

**Students must meet the specific requirements of each program to earn certification.

Course Details & Registration Information

Career Readiness for the Hospitality Industry
Available Classes
Not currently offered.
Description Course Outline Requirements Intended Audience More Details
Intended Audience
Individuals who are needing to or interested in developing their employability skills training using a career pathway for the hospitality industry.
This course allows students to explore careers in hospitality, including food/beverage, hotel/ lodging, and customer service; understand the advantages and challenges of each; and use self-assessment tools to determine which is right for them. The course emphasizes customer service and its importance, helping students understand customer behavior and loyalty in a diverse and increasingly global society. Students will also learn techniques and tips for finding work in the hospitality industry.
Course Objectives
  1. Upon successful completion of course, participants will have....Listed future trends in the lodging, restaurant, and customer service fields. Located suitable careers in the hospitality field based on results of Career Ready 101 assessment tools. Learned ways to land employment in the hospitality field based on job seeking methods and appropriately constructed resumes and cover letters. Been exposed to basic skills to satisfactorily handle complaints and deal with difficult customers in the hospitality industry. Identified duties and responsibilities of a host of positions within the hospitality industry. Learned about salary ranges for positions within the hospitality field in North Carolina. Honed communication and listening skills to minimize roadblocks within the customer service field. Identified appropriate dress and manners necessary for careers in the hospitality field. Learned effective telephone techniques for the workplace. See how technology is used to increase speed and efficiency with hospitality job duties and responsibilities. Identified educational programs and courses to further training in the food and beverage or hotel/loding industries and customer service fields to increase skills and obtain entry level employment.
Outline of Instruction
  1. Part 1: Personal Assessment and the Work Environment
    Day 1: Orientation and introduction to the term hospitality
    Day 2: Key Train Careers 101--Jobs in hospitality computer-based exploration
    Day 3: ONET summary reports for hospitality jobs
    Day 4: Overview of employment categories in hospitality

    Part 2: Goal setting
    Day 5: Entry-level to management positions in hospitality
    Day 6: Setting SMART goals for employment
    Day 7: Knowledge, skills, and abilities needed in hospitality
    Day 8: Job outlook and career opportunities in hotels and lodging

    Part 3: Careers in Hospitality
    Day 9: Introduction to the food service indusry, menu pricing and careers
    Day 10: Introduction to culinary arts-career options
    Day 11: Knowledge, skills, and abilities needed in food service
    Day 12: Job outlook and career opportunities in food service

    Part 4: Career success
    Day 13: Networking for employment in hospitality
    Day 14: Resumes and applications for hospitality
    Day 15: Interview skills
    Day 16: Maintaining employment and advancing
Contact Hours
Industry Standard, State, or National Certification
CE to CU Articulation
Text and Supplies Needed
Clinical Site/Special Facilities
Requirements for Successful Completion of this Course
  1. Attendance 95% or above
  2. Participation
  3. Participate in class activities and exercises; maintain 80 percent average; and complete assignments.
Accreditation/Special Approval Requirements
Intended Audience
Individuals who are needing to or interested in developing their employability skills training using a career pathway for the hospitality industry.
Specific Industry or Business Support Needs
Industry or Job Titles Related to training Outcomes for Employment
Related Courses
Course Contact Information
HRD Office
919-532-5694 or 919-532-5696

Classroom (seated) Version of Class:
**Industry experience is not required to take this course

Wake Tech’s Hospitality Hotel & Restaurant Certifications course is offered in a traditional classroom (seated) version is a fun, 10-12 week (168 classroom hour) course offering certifications in the following areas: 

  • Front Desk Representative Certification: Training created by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute.
  • ServSafe Certification: Food safety training that provides essential knowledge and skills.   
  • Soft Skills: Customer service, conflict management, public speaking, and job search skills such as completing a job application, writing a resume, and interviewing.
  • TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS): Training for those who sell, serve, and consume alcohol, designed to prevent intoxication, drunk driving, and underage drinking.
  • Opera Property Management System: Front office software used in most major hotels. 
  • Delphi Training: An optional program introducing students to the world's leading sales and catering system. (Access is provided; interested students pay Delphi directly.)
  • CVENT: Certification on the Cvent Supplier Network helps students better understand technologies used in the hospitality industry and provides practical knowledge that can be used with prospective employers. 
  • Host U Certification: Knowledge in Spirits, Beer, Wine and Non-Alcoholic Beverages

The traditional classroom course includes field trips, where you will learn how hotels and restaurants actually operate; guest speakers who will share insights about career opportunities the latest industry trends; and job leads (as available). A career fair may also be arranged. More than 70% of our students have successfully obtained careers upon completion of this program. Please watch the link on our students getting interviewed below;


Congratulations to Carisa Thomas our former student from our Hospitality Program for winning the Prestigious Sir Issac Hunter Excellence is Service Award for 2016!

Online Class (135 hours)
**Industry experience is not required to take this course

Who should take this program?
This version is great for someone who may be working and does not have time to take traditional classes due to his schedule or for students looking for career change or for people prefer online learning. This is also a fantastic course for employees that are already in the hospitality industry and want to move up the career ladder by obtaining industry recognized credentials.

Students will be working in the My Hospitality Lab along with the e-text books and Moodle Portal to successfully complete the program.

Due to the nature of teaching, students will be responsible to do their own field trips and projects as per your instructor. Leads for jobs will be given via email as well. A career fair may be arranged.

**Industry experience is not required to take this course

Are there any pre-requisites to take this course?

A High School Equivalency is recommended, however 9th and 10th grade reading levels in English and Math are accepted.

I have kids. Will I be able to handle the schedule in this industry?

The hospitality industry is open 24 hours and has various shifts which include full time and part time positions

What kind of position can I get when I finish the course?

Upon completion of this course, students are qualified for the positions of Front Office Associates, Sales Assistants, Food & Beverage Servers, Banquet Staff, Concierge, and Housekeeping.

Does the Hospitality Industry offer benefits

Benefits are at the discretion of the company. 

What if I move to another state after completion?

The certifications are nationally and industry recognized. 

Who typically takes this class?

Anyone that enjoys working with people. 

For more information, contact Sameer Pawa at [email protected] or 919-866-6158.