BLET Costs & Sponsorship

Estimated Costs

Registration $180
Equipment $407
Uniforms $275 (estimate)
Books $709
Insurance fee $2
Campus access fee $18
Total $1,591

Costs may vary. Registration fees are established by the State Board of Community Colleges and are subject to change without notice. Not included in this estimate is the cost of the physical examination required by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Standards & Training Commission.


Some Wake Tech Basic Law Enforcement Training Academy students are sponsored by North Carolina municipal, county or state agencies. Sponsorship does not obligate the sponsoring agency to hire cadets upon completion of training or to provide monetary assistance, nor does it obligate cadets to take a job with the sponsoring agency. Sponsorship is not required; cadets may enter and pay for the program on their own.

Cadets interested in being sponsored should contact law enforcement agencies and ask if they provide sponsorships for training. Agencies will conduct background checks, and if there are no problems, they will notify the cadet or the academy that they plan to provide sponsorship.

NOTE: A signed sponsorship form from an agency does waive a cadet’s registration with the North Carolina Community College System for the course. (Waiver Exemptions NC Statute 115B.)

Industry-recognized credential: N.C. Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission

Complete in: 6 month or less

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