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Wake Tech's professional development courses are specifically designed to enhance your resume. These courses give you skills such as how to compose executive reports and organizational procedures; how to communicate between generations and cultures; and more. 

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Business Entities Tax ClassSEF-3001Q1
This course provides practical advice for tax practitioners serving small businesses. The course highlights new court rulings, regulations, and other updates important for small business clients.
Business Etiquette 101SEF-3001JD2
Become a poised and polished professional! Learn all the forms of workplace etiquette in this “real-world” course – for phone and voicemail, dining, meetings, wardrobe, and much more. The course focuses specifically on etiquette for the business environment.
Career Pathway for Meeting and Event PlannersHRD-3004BK2
Do you enjoy pulling off a great party or event? Do you like to be a part of putting the pieces together to make the "magic" happen? If so, then come explore a career in meeting and event planning! Learn about the technical skills and professional qualities needed to become...
Certified Scrum Master and Agile Application TrainingSEF-3001R1
A dynamic, interactive, two-day course led by Jason Tanner, an instructor who will share real-world experiences and proven techniques for implementing Scrum successfully. Short, focused lectures examine the Scrum framework piece by piece, and small group activities reinforce...
Confidence in Public SpeakingSEF-3001JB2
Whether it is a business presentation or an impromptu speech for coworkers, speaking in front of an audience at work can make some people anxious. Improve your ability to communicate with this course, which introduces basic principles of speech communication. Develop confide...
Emotional IntelligenceSEF-80361
This course helps students understand Emotional Intelligence and identify it in others and themselves. Students will use this knowledge to make positive changes in their relationships with others.
Google Ads: Fundamentals and Search Advertising Exam PrepSEF-3001IN2
Google Ads is a popular online advertising service developed by Google. Learn how to plan, implement, optimize, and monitor successful ad campaigns. Use targeted advertising using methods such as keywords and cookies. You will be able to pass the Google Ads certification exa...
Grant Writing Level 1SEF-79862
This workshop will help you develop grant writing skills that are essential for acquiring competitive funding – from government agencies or private foundations. Beginners will learn essential tools for writing winning grant proposals. Those with more experience will sharpen...
Grant Writing Level 2SEF-79972
Would you like to write a grant proposal? This course will hone the essential skills for acquiring competitive funding from government agencies or private foundations. The course builds on Level I, with more in-depth exploration of the grants process, and offers hands-on pra...
HealthCare ReformSEF-3001K1
This course provides a comprehensive view of the health care reform issues that affect individuals and businesses, small and large. This practical class includes many examples, reporting requirements, planning strategies, and a review of actual forms.
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