Construction and Carpentry

Careers in the construction industry need employees at all skill levels. To get started, new employees should have training in on the job safety, basic blueprint reading, an understanding of hand and power tools and strong skills in measurement and basic math. Careers in residential and commercial construction are available.

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Industry-recognized credential(s): National Center for Construction Education and Research, OSHA, American Heart Association

Complete course(s) in: Six months or less

Financial assistance available

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Course details and registration information

Carpentry ICAR-3124A71 available classes
Learn the basics of framing by building a storage shed. Students will learn to have a solid grasp of common residential framing practices. In addition, students will be able to layout and construct floor systems, walls and ceilings, install windows and exterior doors, inst...
Carpentry IICAR-3124B7
This course covers the advanced theory and construction methods associated with the building industry including interior finishes, pre-finish flooring and installing drywall. Topics include safety, hand/power tool use, measurement and layout, interior trim and finish, and ot...
Core CurriculumCAR-3108K1
Students involved in this course will complete the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) Core Curriculum, the 10-Hour Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Course in Construction Safety, the American Heart Association (AHA) Cardio-Pul...
A one-day training course that is designed to focus on basic drywall installation. Students will learn to measure, cut, hang and install sheetrock on pre-built wood stud mockups.
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