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If you have an interest in problem-solving, working with your hands, or making a drawing come to life, consider a career in the skilled trades. Different positions are available from repairing heating and air conditioning units to installing fiber optic cable to working as a maintenance technician in a local apartment complex. Gain the knowledge and skills you need today for a career in building, construction and other vocational trades.

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A one-day training course that is designed to focus on basic drywall installation. Students will learn to measure, cut, hang and install sheetrock on pre-built wood stud mockups.
Electrical Contractors Exam PrepELC-3100A3
This course prepares students for all classifications of the North Carolina Electrical Contractor’s Exam, with special focus on limited, intermediate, and unlimited classifications. Build knowledge and skill in calculations, branch and feeder conductor and overcurrent sizing...
Electrical Standard Inspection Level ICOD-3104A7
The purpose of this course is to familiarize new code enforcement officers with the use and application of the National Electrical Code as it pertains to Level I electrical inspection. Students will be prepared to sit for the NC DOI certification exam.
Electrical Standard Inspection Level IIICOD-3111A7
This course is for the Electrical Level III Code Enforcement Official responsible for inspecting electrical installations in all types of construction of unlimited size. The course builds on the Electrical Levels I and II Standard Inspection courses. On completion, participa...
EPA Refrigerant Recovery/ Recycling Certification Exam PreparationSEF-3001K7
Earning certification in a specialized area demonstrates your expertise! This course is for those with basic knowledge of HVAC who want to prepare to take the Section 608 EPA Certification exam and become certified. On completion, participants who are ready can register for...
Exploring an Apartment Maintenance Technician CareerHRD-3004CF2
Apartment Maintenance Technician careers are a good career option for job seekers with an interest in electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC, and appliance repair. Students will examine the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to secure one of these roles in a multi-family/a...
Facility Maintenance Fundamentals Bilingüe (Español-Inglés)MNT-3066C7
El curso de mantenimiento de instalaciones incluye una serie de conceptos y aplicaciones que están diseñados para proporcionar las bases para desarrollar una carrera en la administración de instalaciones. Este curso cubre los principios de contratista eléctrico, HVAC, plomer...
Heat Pumps: Operation Installation and Service [Spanish]AHR-3131C7
¿Sabe que los sistemas de bomba de calor “Heat Pump” en cualquier unidad de HVAC deben recibir servicio de mantenimiento por lo menos una vez al año? Este curso está diseñado para que los estudiantes aprendan los componentes, el ciclo de la bomba de calor, servicio, teoría,...
HVAC and Duct Leakage: Proper Evaluation and SealingSEF-3001N7
This hands-on course provides a thorough understanding of air handling systems and the associated building envelope components, as well as how to measure existing efficiency and how to identify and implement improvement strategies. The course prepares students for the BPI In...
HVAC Troubleshooting and Control PrinciplesAHR-3131C2
This course is a basic study of HVAC and refrigeration controls; troubleshooting of control components; emphasis on use of wiring diagrams to analyze high and low voltage circuits. The course also cross trains towards gaining skills of facility maintenance technicians to mak...
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