Student-Related Services & Activities

Our vision is to eliminate barriers and create opportunities that enable all students to experience success. Our actions are guided by these values:

  • The well-being of all students
  • Innovation in problem solving
  • The positive affirmation of student achievement
  • Professionalism and ethical behavior
  • Cooperative and collaborative efforts that include enthusiasm, respect, and humor

Our mission is to advance the overall mission of the college by providing programs and services that foster academic success, student development, and campus community.

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Student Centers have been established on all Wake Tech campuses to allow students to study, relax, and get refreshments between classes. The centers provide TV, a lounge area, a cafeteria, and other services, depending on the needs of each campus location. Student Centers are located on the Southern Wake Campus (Student Services Building), the Northern Wake Campus (Administration Building), the Perry Health Sciences Campus (Health Education Building 2), Western Wake Campus (2nd floor) and the Public Safety Education Campus.

When using the Wake Tech Student Centers:

Keep noise of all kinds to a minimum.

  • Talk quietly
  • Use earphones for electronic devices
  • Do not play musical instruments unless authorized for a special event

Help to keep centers clean and accessible for all.

  • Place trash and recyclables in appropriate receptacles
  • Do not move furniture or tamper with equipment not designated for student use

Respect yourself and others.

  • Wear appropriate clothing, including shirts and shoes
  • Refrain from profane or obscene language and behavior
  • Do not engage in violent or aggressive behavior of any kind, including hitting, wrestling, play fighting, or throwing objects

Failure to comply with the guidelines above will result in the loss of student center privileges for one week. A second offense will result in loss of privileges for one semester.

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Public telephones are conveniently located on all campuses for students desiring to make telephone calls. A courtesy phone for student use is located on the Southern Wake Campus in the Student Development Office in Student Services Building 128. A courtesy phone is located at the front desk in the lobby of Building A on the North Campus. Students are not permitted to use any other office telephones for personal calls.

Since the College does not have access to an intercom system or a messenger service, staff members will not deliver a message to a student unless it is determined to be an emergency. In an emergency, an individual who calls for a student must state the nature of the emergency; someone in Security Services will look up the student's schedule and attempt to contact him/her immediately.

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The purpose of this policy is to provide a standard procedure for the storage and disposal of lost or unclaimed items on the premises of Wake Technical Community College. Whenever possible, the owner of such items will be contacted first.

The following guidelines apply:

  • Any lost or unclaimed item deemed unsafe or unsanitary will be discarded immediately.
  • Food and other perishable items, lunch bags, and thermoses will be discarded after 24 hours.
  • ID cards and credit or debit cards will be shredded and discarded after 48 hours.
  • No lost or unclaimed items will be held longer than 30 days. After 30 days:
    • Clothing, backpacks, and other personal items will be donated to charity
    • Cell phones and other personal electric devices will be recycled.
    • Cash will be returned to the person who turned it in or deposited in the student activities account.

Items valued at more than $200 (laptops, purses, jewelry, etc.) will be recorded in a log and locked in a secure storage area accessible only to an authorized WTCC employee. Items may be reclaimed only by someone providing identification and proof of ownership.

"Lost and Found" repositories are located in the reception areas on most campuses, with these exceptions: Southern Wake Campus repository is in the Student Services Building room 128; the Northern Wake Campus repository is located in Building B, room 150.

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The Student Government Association (SGA) is the campus organization that represents the interests of all Wake Tech students. Each curriculum student enrolled at Wake Technical Community College is required to pay the Student Administration Fee and shall be a member of the Wake Technical Community College Student Government Association and governed by its rules and regulations.

Visit to learn more about Wake Tech's SGA.

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The Office of Student Development supports and encourages professional organizations and clubs at Wake Technical Community College. Professional organizations and clubs give students a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills, network with professionals in a given field of study, and get involved. Students interested in joining a club should visit the Office of Student Activities in the Student Services Building on Southern Wake Campus.

A complete listing of clubs is available online at

Guidelines for Organizational Approval
All student organizations must be approved by the college through the Office of Student Development. The following are procedural guidelines for obtaining new student organization approval:

Students wishing to create a new organization must request an application from the Director of Student Activities. The application period for establishing a new organization is spring semester; applications received during the fall semester will be considered for approval for the following academic year. The application must include the name of the organization, its purpose, objectives, recommendation for a faculty advisor, procedures for electing officers, means and methods for financing, and other information as requested by the Dean of Student Development.

The organization must receive approval from the Director of Student Activities, the Dean of Student Development, the Senior Vice President of Student Services, and the President of the college before becoming an official college organization.

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The mission of Wake Tech's athletics program is to enhance the college experience for all students by promoting fitness, building awareness of the importance of lifelong physical activity, and developing character and leadership ability through athletic activities and events. Wake Tech encourages all students to participate in athletics, develop athletic skills and abilities, and strive to realize their full potential.

The program offers high-quality instruction and support services with the collaborative efforts of faculty, staff, administration, trustees, and the community. Wake Tech offers equal opportunity for all in compliance with the regulations of Title IX and adheres to an established code of conduct for all athletes and program participants.

Wake Tech is a proud member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), Region X.

Support Wake Tech athletics: Become an Eagle Club member! Learn more at

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The Military and Veterans Resource Center, located at the Northern Wake Campus, Building C, room 206, was created to provide Wake Tech student veterans and their dependents with a “safe zone,” a unique social and academic environment in which they can engage and interact. The center offers a variety of resources and services to assist and support veterans, to ensure their success in academic and other endeavors. These resources and services include a computer lab, an activity center, counseling services, and connections to programs such as Veterans Upward Bound, NCServes, Hire Heroes USA, Students Veterans of America, and USO of North Carolina. Wake Tech is proud to support veterans and thankful for their service and sacrifice. 

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Wake Tech appreciates alumni! We have created a web page especially for you – a convenient place to get news; learn more about benefits, career services, and other resources available to alumni; and contribute to the college. Visit to learn more.

Please also consider sharing your Wake Tech story! Tell us about your personal and professional accomplishments on our Success Stories page.

We’d love to hear from you!

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