For more than 60 years, Wake Tech has changed the lives of thousands of people – helped them uncover hidden talents, start bold ventures, realize dreams and, sometimes, do the impossible. 

Each transformation is compelling, each story worth sharing – and Wake Tech students and alumni love sharing them! Take a look at some of their unique and inspiring stories.

Wake Tech graduate Bumi Oh wants to be a preschool teacher.

A Passion for Teaching

Bumi Oh - Class of 2024

"Wake Tech has had a profound impact on my life."

Reggie Sanders used the LaunchRaleigh program to build his Lil Reggie's Cookies business.

A Bite Out of Homelessness

Reggie Sanders - Class of 2023

"I want to help those who are less fortunate."

Riley Jordan photo

Planning for Business Success

Riley Jordan - Class of 2024

"I wanted to start building my business while I was still a student."

Making History With a Degree

Making History With a Degree

Jaylon  Martin - Class of 2022

"It worked out perfectly at ECU."

Abigail Smith

Cultivating a Career

Abigail Smith - Class of 2024

"Attending the career fair gave me a leg up!"

Wake Tech graduate Juby Agwu

A Drive for Success

Juby Agwu - Class of 2023

"Going to Wake Tech was one of the best decisions of my life."

David Coe

Serving Up Success

David Coe - Class of 2024

"Wake Tech gives you time to figure out what you want to do in life without a huge cost."

Chris Gallagher

Brewing up a New Career

Chris  Gallagher - Class of 2022

"It's the heart and the art that come from the brewer."

Michelle Rawls photo

Path to Success

Michelle  Rawls - Class of 2023

"I'm passionate about helping everyone travel."

Zoe Horne photo

An Introvert Out of Her Shell

Zoe  Horne - Class of 2024

"I quickly realized that I can learn so much from others instead of always going it alone."

Jermel Lilly photo

A Case for Second Chances

Jermel  Lilly - Class of 2023

"I really like the hands-on training that Wake Tech provides. ... The college helped me decide on a career."

Oscar Avina-Rodriguez photo

Designing a Successful Future

Oscar Avina-Rodriguez - Class of 2023

"I know the education I have received at Wake Tech will take me where I want to go."

Charles Myatt photo

Staying on the Forefront of Technology

Charles  Myatt - Class of 2014

"The skills I have gained at Wake Tech each time I come back have actually led to several promotions in my life."

Julianna Perciballi

Fine Tuning for A Better Future

Julianna  Perciballi - Class of 2023

"Wake Tech will give you the knowledge, skills and opportunities to succeed!"

Kimberly Leiva-Sorto

A Degree Ahead

Kimberly  Leiva-Sorto - Class of 2023

"CCP has been such a rewarding opportunity, and I'm so thankful for the instructors and staff at my high school and Wake Tech for their support and guidance."