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Success Stories

For more than 50 years, Wake Tech has changed the lives of thousands of people – helped them uncover hidden talents, start bold ventures, realize dreams and, sometimes, do the impossible. 

Each transformation is compelling, each story worth sharing – and Wake Tech students and alumni love sharing them! Take a look at some of their unique and inspiring stories.

Tisha Temple Photo

Road to Recovery

Tisha Temple - Class of 2020

Don’t look at people where they are -
look at them where they can be.

Leslie Whitehurst - From Patient to Nurse

From Patient to Nurse

Leslie Whitehurst - Class of 2019

Everybody is in nursing school for a reason.

After exploring his options, Osvaldo decided that Wake Tech presented the right opportunities for him. He returned to complete the degree he began years before.

Succeeding in Science

Osvaldo Rodriguez - Class of 2019

“Coming back to Wake Tech, I found that people were open, receptive, and supportive. They told me how to get involved, how to succeed. I feel like I became part of a family, and part of the fabric of the school.”

Turning on the Heat in High School

Turning on the Heat in High School

Chris Mason - Class of 2019

"The first two years were tough, but then everything clicked."

Candis Parker Photo

Building a New Career

Candis Parker - Class of 2013

"I’m in a great career doing what I want to do."

Achiv'a Sandiford photo

Designing a New Career

Achiv'a Sandiford - Class of 2019

"If it wasn't for Wake Tech and the affordability of the program, I am not sure where I would be".

Shanita Dildy-Goings photo

First in a Generation

Shanita Dildy-Goings - Class of 2019

"I wanted to be the first in my generation to graduate!"

Mohammad Lafi photo

Turning Second Chances into First Rate Successes

Mohammad Lafi - Class of 2019

"Wake Tech provides second chances."

Ryan Fowler photo

From National Security to Cyber Security

Ryan Fowler - Class of 2019

"I knew Wake Tech would get me ready for a university."

Dominique Lomax photo

Finding a College That Cares

Dominique Lomax - Class of 2019

"Wake Tech really emphasizes getting you into a job"

WTCC Craft Beer Program - Fermenting Entrepreneurs

WTCC Craft Beer Program - Fermenting Entrepreneurs

Oaklyn Springs Brewery  - Class of 2018

“The Wake Tech Craft Beer Brewing program gave us the chance to spread our wings in our senior years."

Tony Byrd Photo

From Cappuccino to Coding

Tony Byrd

"I hope my story inspires others!"

Kelsea Read

Winning Against All Odds

Kelsea Read  - Class of 2018

“Knowledge is power. Nobody can take my education away from me. “

Tara Courtney photo

Dual Enrollment, Now Dual Degrees

Tara Courtney - Class of 2019

“This amazing opportunity allowed me to complete 27 credits by the time I graduated high school!”

2018-19 SGA President

2018-19 SGA President

Jose Fabre Jr  - Class of 2019

“Wake Tech is a place for incredible, hands-on education.”