Programs of Study

WakeTech ID
A45700 Radiography AAS Degree
Medical Assisting
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A45400 Medical Assisting AAS Degree
D45400 Medical Assisting Diploma
Healthcare Simulation Technology
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A45980 Healthcare Simulation Technology AAS Degree
C45980 Healthcare Simulation Technology Certificate
Associate in Nursing
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A45110 Associate Degree Nursing - AAS
A45110A Associate Degree Nursing - AAS Advanced Placement
Dental Hygiene
WakeTech ID
A45260 Dental Hygiene AAS
Emergency Medical Science
WakeTech ID
A45340 Emergency Medical Science AAS
Medical Laboratory Technology
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A45420 Medical Laboratory Technology Degree
Pharmacy Technology
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A45580 Pharmacy Technology AAS Degree
D45580 Pharmacy Technology Diploma *The Diploma program will not be offered after Fall of 2019
Therapeutic Massage
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D45750 Therapeutic Massage Diploma
Dental Assisting
WakeTech ID
D45240 Dental Assisting Diploma
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
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D45800 MRI Diploma Program
Computed Tomography
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C45200 Computed Tomography Certificate
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C45600 Phlebotomy - Certificate