Associate Degree Nursing Advanced Placement

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AAS - Associate in Applied Science

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Program Planning Guide

Associate Degree Nursing – Advanced Placement is designed for Licensed Practical Nurses who seek to further their education and advance in the profession. The curriculum builds on the practical nursing foundation by broadening theoretical knowledge, enhancing nursing skills, and increasing critical thinking to coincide with role change responsibilities at the Associate Degree Nursing level.

This program starts in the summer with NUR 214 and is followed by 2 additional semesters of coursework. NUR 214 is an intensive, accelerated course that covers a wide range of content in an expedited format. This accelerated course differs from the traditional nursing courses by taking only 10 weeks to review select content from NUR 111, NUR 112, NUR 113 and NUR 211, instead of the 42 week time period that traditional nursing students have to focus on the same material. For this reason, students need to seriously consider decreasing work and personal commitments in order to successfully meet the requirements for passing this course. Working full time or taking other college courses while in this course/program is not recommended.

Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with a Perry Health Science Campus Admissions Counselor prior to taking pre-requisite courses in order to further discuss the requirements for this program.

In the fall semester following NUR 214, students are scheduled to take NUR 114 and 212 alongside traditional nursing students. After successful completion of both courses students will enroll in the final course, NUR 213, scheduled for the spring semester. Upon successful completion of NUR 213 students will have met academic requirements necessary to enable them to apply to take the NCLEX-RN licensure exam.