Quality Acceptance Inspection

COVID-19 Protocol

The health and safety of students, faculty, and staff are my highest priority. During my visits to your campus, I will follow CDC guidelines for "How to Protect Yourself & Others." These guidelines include:

  • Washing hands often
  • Avoiding close contact by practicing social distancing
  • Covering mouth and nose with a face cover when around others

If your campus has established any additional precautions, please contact Brandi Hernandez.

Mission Statement

Wake Technical Community College is under contract with the NCCCS to provide Quality Acceptance Inspections (QAI) and training for the 58 community colleges in North Carolina. These inspections will ensure that certain purchased items comply with the purchase order/contract and have the appropriate safety standards label affixed. The Quality Assurance Inspector will also provide QAI and Safety Label training for college staff.

Quality Acceptance Inspection Process

  • Community College Purchasing Agent (PA)/Equipment Coordinator (EC) requests Quality Acceptance Inspection (QAI), providing campus location, date range, delivery date, IFB/Quote, and PO.
    • The installation of the product must be complete prior to inspection. This includes, but is not limited to, uncrating, setup, electrical hookup, completion of construction, and cleanup.
  • Quality Acceptance Inspector shall respond within 16 business hours to schedule an inspection. The inspection shall be confirmed and scheduled within ten (10) business days of receiving the request.
    • QA Inspector should aim to schedule the inspection within the requested date range.
    • The College shall make QA Inspector aware of any COVID-19 protocols in place on campus.
  • QA Inspector updates calendar with scheduled inspection information, including location and item(s) to be inspected.
  • QA Inspector shall check in with the college’s PA/EC or their designee upon arrival. QA Inspector shall wear an identification badge during the campus visit.
    • The college asset owner should be present for the QAI. The college shall notify the QA Inspector if the college asset owner is not available for the QAI.
  • QA Inspector completes inspection using checklists.
    • The inspection site should be the permanent location of the asset.
  • Before leaving campus, QA Inspector shall submit a Quality Acceptance Inspection Report of asset inspections performed during the visit to the college’s PA/EC or their designee.
  • PA/EC or their designee shall sign the QAI Report, thereby acknowledging the visit, and return a signed copy to QA Inspector.
    • Pass: Copy of report shall be included in the Procurement File.
    • Fail: QA Inspector shall provide PA/EC with detailed information regarding nonconformance. The Procurement Office shall communicate the nonconformance with the Vendor to arrange a replacement or defect rework. Copy of the report shall be included in the Procurement File.

Reference Documents

Quality Acceptance
Inspection Basics

A description of the Quality Acceptance Inspection process and its relationship within the procurement process

Quality Acceptance Inspection
Product List

A list of products, with minimum purchase values, for which QAI must be performed

Certification Markings
and Labels

A chart of acceptable and non-acceptable safety labels for products

Safety Standards Label

The process for verifying Safety Standards Label

NC Purchase & Contract (P&C) Training Modules