Ordering Supplies or Equipment

  1. Find the best price available for the item(s) to be ordered.
    1. Check State Contract Prices
    2. Search vendors’ websites
    3. Call vendors for pricing
  2. Place the order using E-Procurement.
    1. All vendors must be registered with E-Procurement. Check registration.
      (You may need to enter the company name in several ways.)
    2. If the vendor is not registered with E-Procurement, submit a Form 58
      along with the vendor's information. The Business Office will assist the
      vendor with registration.
  3. Obtain quotes according to established guidelines.
    1. $1–$5,000: At least three informal quotes recommended
    2. $5,001–$10,000: At least three written quotes required— attach with order
    3. $10,001–$50,000: Contact Business Office with pre-approval and specifications; Business Office will issue a formal bid through state IPS System
    4. $50,001 and over:Contact Business Office with pre-approval and specifications; Division of Purchase & Contract or statewide Division of ITS will issue a formal bid (requires Board of Award approval)

Employees can learn more about the purchasing process by logging into the Wake Tech portal.