Wake Technical Community College conducts purchasing in accordance with State laws to ensure the taxpayer receives full value for each dollar spent. The College’s purchasing procedures conform to open, ethical and sound procurement policies. Suppliers are encouraged to compete for the College’s business, which consists of a variety of goods and services.

Vendor Information

WTCC solicits quotes for Procurements $9,999.99 and under.  WTCC utilizes the North Carolina E-Quote System to receive quotes.  See below for more information regarding the NC E-Quote System and how to register in this State System.

WTCC solicits bids for Procurements $10,000 and over.  WTCC posts all bids on the North Carolina Interactive Purchasing System.  See below for more information regarding the NC Interactive Purchasing System and how to view WTCC bids that are posted in this State System.

NC E-Procurement: Is a state wide Procurement system utilized by NC Community Colleges and other state agencies.  All WTCC Purchase orders are issued to vendors via NC E-Procurement.  WTCC does not collect W9's as vendors must register their business in the NC E-Procurement System. To register your business in NC E-Procurement use the below link or help desk number.

NC E-Quote: Is a state wide quoting system available to NC Community Colleges and other state agencies.  E-Quote allows your company to electronically receive and respond to requests for quotations from WTCC.  To register your business in NC E-Quote use the below link or help desk number.

NC Interactive Purchasing System (IPS): WTCC posts all bids to the NC IPS System for a minimum of 10 days. The NC IPS System notifies vendors of posted bids via IPS Vendor Link.  You must register your business with IPS Vendor Link to receive these email notifications regarding posted bids.  To register your business in NC IPS use the below link.  Non registered vendors can still view WTCC posted bids by using the below link.

HUB Vendors: WTCC strives to achieve a minimum of 10% of our total Procurements be with HUB vendors.  If you are a minority business owner but you are not recognized as a North Carolina HUB vendor WTCC encourages you to become a North Carolina HUB vendor.  Use the below link to learn more about becoming a North Carolina HUB vendor.

Vendors are encouraged to contact [email protected] for clarification if needed.


Ethical practices are critical in the public purchasing process. Laws and rules govern the process, but employees are responsible for abiding by those laws and upholding established standards of conduct. Problems must be detected early and safeguards provided at all levels. The slightest indication of impropriety – or even the perception of it – can damage credibility and delay operations.

  • Integrity: Fairness and impartiality in all phases of the process are essential. Competition – and all interaction among vendors and purchasers – must be open, honest, and objective. Favoritism is not acceptable or allowed; all parties must be given equal consideration.
  • Conflict of Interest: Employees must disclose any potential conflict of interest related to the purchase of equipment, materials, goods, or services. Except in very unusual circumstances, the college will not purchase from an employee, an employee´s immediate family, or a business in which an employee or an employee´s family has an ownership interest. If an exception is necessary, the appropriate office must submit a written disclosure of the transaction along with the purchase requisition.
  • Responsibility: Any employee responsible for purchasing that does not comply with Wake Tech policies and North Carolina laws will be subject to disciplinary action by the college or the state. (See G.S. 143-51.)