In-Service Corrections & Detention Training

As our nation's prisons become increasingly overcrowded, the need for experienced corrections and detention officers continues to grow. Our goal is to assist you in developing and enhancing the occupational skills necessary to succeed throughout every phase of your career.

Officers who know how to keep our communities safe and secure are in continual demand. Our instructors are experienced criminal justice professionals who are committed to helping you succeed both educationally and professionally. 

Training provided for NC Department of Public Safety and County Detention Facilities employees emphasizes officer safety and inmate security.

Fee waivers:

Classes are fee waived for North Carolina certified corrections and detention staff and sworn law enforcement. 

Training Locations: 

Wake County Law Enforcement Training Center (Map), Public Safety Education Campus (Map), Wake County Fire Arms Education and Training Center (Map

Contact us:

Lori Brown [email protected] | 919-866-6119 or Cindy Feild [email protected] | 919-866-5824 

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