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The Non-Credit Computer Education Department delivers basic and advanced technology training leading to employment, and for personal enrichment. 

CompTIA, Cisco, Cybersecurity, Open Technologies Professional Skills Development (1 to 3-day classes)
Office Technology Software Programming
Accounting Technology Web Design and Development
Drafting and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Database Administration

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SAS Macro Language 1: FundamentalsSEF-3001KD21 available classes
Are you an experienced SAS programmer with a sound understanding of DATA step processing? Here is an opportunity to write SAS programs that are reusable and dynamic. This course focuses on the components of the SAS macro facility and how to design, write, and debug macro sys...
SAS Programming 1: FundamentalsSEF-3001KA21 available classes
Are you interested in building a strong SAS programming foundation to manipulate your data, perform complex queries and simple analyses, and generate reports? Participants with little to no SAS experience or individuals who want to gain the knowledge needed to become certif...
SAS Programming 2: Data ManipulationSEF-3001KJ21 available classes
Learn data manipulation techniques – how to write DATA step code, use the SORT procedure, and apply SAS formats. This course will show you how to use the SAS DATA step and procedures to access, transform, and summarize data. It will also help prepare you for the certificatio...
SAS Programming 3: Advanced TechniquesSEF-3001LK21 available classes
Are you an experienced SAS Programmer with an interest in data analysis? This course focuses on acquiring skills for useful comparisons of manipulation techniques and resource cost benefits, which are designed to help programmers choose the most appropriate method for their...
SAS Report Writing 1: FundamentalsSEF-3001KE21 available classes
Are you familiar with basic SAS procedure syntax and logic? This course helps participants build the skills to make detailed and summarized reports using Base SAS procedures. Upon completion, participants will know how to enhance and create SAS tabular reports, and will be p...
SAS SQL 1: FundamentalsSEF-3001KH21 available classes
Keep improving! This course will help you acquire the skills to process SAS data using Structured Query Language (SQL). It will also help you prepare for the SAS Advanced Programming for SAS 9 certification exam.
SAS Visual Analytics 1 for SAS Viya IntroductionSEF-3001LE21 available classes
This course offers an introduction to the functionality provided by SAS Visual Analytics, and is designed for those with little to no SAS or programming experience. Participants will be introduced to data preparation, data discovery, and report creation in SAS Visual Analyti...
SolidWorks IntroductionSEF-3001LY21 available classes
More than two million engineers and designers use SolidWorks, a popular computer-aided design program. This instructor-led course (the first in a three-part series) introduces beginners with no SolidWorks experience to the program interface, tools, and modeling techniques us...
SQL: Structured Query Language IntroductionSEF-3001GH21 available classes
Structured Query Language (SQL) is a simple and powerful programming language used to communicate with relational database management systems such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access, DB2, and Sybase. Both the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)...
Tableau Desktop FundamentalsSEF-3001FC21 available classes
Tableau Software is a world leader of Tableau Desktop, a powerful, business intelligence (BI) software. Participants will learn basic terminology and concepts, and develop skills to analyze data, create powerful graphical representations of data, and produce shareable, inter...
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