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The Non-Credit Computer Education Department delivers basic and advanced technology training leading to employment, and for personal enrichment. 

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Android Programming: Materials Design for Mobile User InterfaceCSC-3110DX2
Material Design is a powerful, visual language (developed by Google for use on mobile and web platforms) that allows designers to create stylish, engaging interfaces. This course is designed for mobile interface developers in the Android Studio environment who want to use th...
AutoCad 2014DFT-3100Q2
This course will introduce the vocabulary, concepts, techniques, and procedures necessary to facilitate a basic functional understanding of AutoCAD software for Windows. Upon completion of the course, the student should be able to understand the terminology and commands req...
AutoCad 2014 3D ModelingDFT-3100T2
Learn 3D modeling to expand your skills and prepare you for opportunities in the AutoCAD field, including site development, product design, and dynamic engineering modeling for manufacturing. In this course you will develop 3D drawings from your own designs that can be made...
AutoCad Certification PrepDFT-3100S2
Prepare for AutoDesk's AutoCAD Certification Exam while building a portfolio of drawings that will highlight your skills for prospective employers. This course recaps the vocabulary, concepts, techniques, and procedures presented in AutoCAD and AutoCAD 3D, emphasizing real-w...
Bookkeeping Certification Exam Prep and QuickBooks Hands-On TrainingACC-3107A1
This course helps students master the six skill areas required for certification as a bookkeeper and prepares them to take the national Certified Bookkeeper (CB) exam. The course includes hands-on, in-depth training in QuickBooks operations using QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2014...
Bookkeeping Fundamentals with QuickBooks IntroductionACC-3150C2
This course introduces Bookkeeping/Accounting essentials and allows students to build a solid foundation in the field. This course is also designed for those who already have experience or a basic understanding of bookkeeping but want to heighten their understanding and mast...
C# Programming IntroductionCSC-3110DK2
C# (“C sharp”) is a popular object-oriented programming language. C# is enabled in the Microsoft .NET Framework, a multi-purpose language with a common environment and tool-set that can be used to develop console, windows, web, and mobile applications. The .NET Framework cre...
CCNA Security Certification PrepNET-3100J2
The Cisco Certified Network Associate Security (CCNA® Security) Certification Prep class prepares students for the CCNA Security Exam. You will learn to - develop a security infrastructure, recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks, and mitigate security threats. T...
Certification Exam Tutoring SessionsSEF-3001P22 available classes
The purpose of this class is to review sample tests and simulation environments to help students study and pass the certification exam for which they are studying. Many testing services are changing their certification exams to simulate certain problems or situations that t...
Certified Ethical HackerCCT-3110A2
Learn how to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in targeted systems and then learn how to protect these systems against malicious attacks while you study to pass the Certified Ethical Hacker exam. This course will help you acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to u...
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