Information Technology

The Non-Credit Computer Education Department delivers basic and advanced technology training leading to employment, and for personal enrichment. 

CompTIA, Cisco, Cybersecurity, Open Technologies Professional Skills Development (1 to 3-day classes)
Office Technology Software Programming
Accounting Technology Web Design and Development
Drafting and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Database Administration

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JavaScript Object-Oriented Programming FundamentalsSEF-3001JM2
JavaScript is a global programming language widely used in open-source and enterprise projects to create website, mobile, server, and desktop applications. This interpreted, scripting language has a large, engaged user-base, which has improved JavaScript’s adaptability, cre...
jQuery FundamentalsSEF-3001KO2
Here’s an opportunity for those with basic HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript knowledge to learn jQuery, a popular, open-source, JavaScript library used globally. Students will learn how to leverage jQuery features effectively to create a fully-featured and efficient single-page we...
Logistic Regression for Predictive ModelingSEF-3001LJ2
Predictive modeling uses techniques designed to predict future behavior, which can increase business growth. This course is designed for participants with SAS data set and statistical model building experience, along with an introductory knowledge of linear and logistical re...
Mastering Data Analysis with Excel 2016SEF-3001IW2
Around the world, Microsoft Excel has become an integral part of business. It’s used in organizations, academia, and personal settings to analyze, visualize, and store data. In this course, you’ll use data analysis, auditing, Sparklines and forecasting. And you’ll understand...
Microsoft Excel - Pivot TablesOST-3100ABE
Master all the features of Excel pivot tables, including little-known options and settings, layouts, calculated fields, multi-level subtotals, Pivot Charts, Timelines, and Slicers.
Microsoft Excel 2016 Certification Core 77-727SEF-3001HI2
Excel is Microsoft’s popular spreadsheet program that allows users to enter and manipulate data. When you successfully pass the Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Core credential, you can evidence a fundamental understanding of the Excel environment. This course will cover all exam...
Microsoft Excel 2016 Level 1SEF-3001JR2
Most organizations require individuals to have a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel. This popular program is used for storing, organizing, and manipulating data. After completing this first course in the four-part series, participants will be able to use common terms, crea...
Microsoft Office 2016SEF-3001IJ2
Microsoft Office is widely used in organizations throughout the world. For this course, you will focus on three Microsoft Office applications: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Use Word to create letters, memos and work with tables. Learn how to manipulate worksheets, use formul...
Microsoft Office 365 Web AppsSEF-3001HL2
Office 365 is a subscription-based, cloud environment. The online platform includes Microsoft Office applications, productivity apps, and Skype for Business as an online audio/video meeting tool. You will discover how to collaborate and communicate online.
Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Microsoft Power QuerySEF-3001JK2
Microsoft Power Query is an Excel add-in that simplifies data discovery, access, and collaboration. Course participants will use it to seamlessly access data stored in multiple data sources and reshape it to fit various needs by using a simple, engaging, and no-code user pro...