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AutoCAD 2D Fundamentals
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Intended Audience
Anyone interested in learning essential concepts and techniques for AutoCAD 2D.
AutoCAD 2D Fundamentals introduces Computer Aided Design and Drafting concepts and techniques. Using an extensive hands-on approach, users will gain techniques and understand concepts, progressing from making basic shapes to creating multi-view drawings. This course can prepare learners for AutoCAD's Certified User examination.
Course Objectives
  1. Understand AutoCAD environment
  2. Understand AutoCAD terminology
  3. Use AutoCAD commands to create, modify, save and print basic and multi-view AutoCAD drawings
Outline of Instruction
  1. Getting started with AutoCAD
  2. AutoCAD Fundamentals
  3. Basic Object Construction Tools
  4. Geometric Construction and Editing Tools
  5. Object Properties and Organization
  6. Orthographic Views in Multiview Drawings
  7. Basic Dimensioning and Notes
  8. Templates and Plotting
  9. Parametric Drawing Tools
  10. Auxiliary Views and Editing with GRIPS
  11. Section Views
  12. Assembly Drawings and Blocks
Contact Hours
Industry Standard, State, or National Certification
CE to CU Articulation
Text and Supplies Needed
Clinical Site/Special Facilities
Requirements for Successful Completion of this Course
  1. Attendance 90% or above
  2. Participation
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of at least 70% of course material taught.
Accreditation/Special Approval Requirements
Intended Audience
Anyone interested in learning essential concepts and techniques for AutoCAD 2D.
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Course Contact Information
Jennifer Simmons-Bage