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Course Details & Registration Information

Disinfection, Sterilization, and Containment
Available Classes
    Section Location Begin Date End Date Instructor Price Seats Available/Total Seats
237743 Online 03/01/2021 03/26/2021 T. Hamilton $70.00 20/20
Description Course Outline Requirements Intended Audience More Details
Intended Audience
Manufacturing Technicians, Team Leaders and Supervisors, Quality Control Personnel, Quality Assurance Personnel, Maintenance/Engineers
This course introduces principles of contamination and containment for the biopharmaceutical industry along with responses using various procedures and engineering controls. Additional topics include special gowning requirements and restricted personnel movement, implementing air showers for exit procedures, the use of isolators, and facility design considerations.
Course Objectives
  1. Define facility and product contamination.
  2. Discuss effects of contamination on industry practices with regard to consumer safety.
  3. Recognize basic microbiological concepts.
  4. Explain sterilization processes including steam, dry heat, UV light, and chemical applications.
  5. Appreciate the complexities of potent drug manufacturing or process contamination containment strategies
Outline of Instruction
  1. Contamination: physical, chemical, and microbiological
  2. Basic microbiology
  3. Detergents, sanitants, and sterilants
  4. Effective cleaning of equipment and facilities
  5. Sterilization methods: moist heat, dry heat, gamma irradiation, ethylene oxide
  6. Containment concepts, strategies, equipment, and considerations
  7. Biosafety
Contact Hours
Industry Standard, State, or National Certification
CE to CU Articulation
Text and Supplies Needed
Provided by BioNetwork
Clinical Site/Special Facilities
Requirements for Successful Completion of this Course
  1. Attendance 100%
  2. Participation
  3. Students must complete all assignments as instructed.
Accreditation/Special Approval Requirements
Intended Audience
Manufacturing Technicians, Team Leaders and Supervisors, Quality Control Personnel, Quality Assurance Personnel, Maintenance/Engineers
Specific Industry or Business Support Needs
Industry or Job Titles Related to training Outcomes for Employment
  • Quality Control Personnel
  • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Maintenance/Engineers
  • Manufacturing Technicians
  • Team Leaders and Supervisors
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  • Cleanroom Gowning Concepts - SEF-3001JW1
  • Cleanroom Gowning Certification - SEF-79244
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Course Contact Information
Bionetwork Manager