The Applied Engineering and Technologies Division focuses on three areas of instruction, described below. Students can find curriculum outlines and career opportunities by clicking on specific program links – or by emailing a specific department or visiting Wake Tech to discuss their goals with an advisor.

Applied Engineering and Design Technologies

These programs prepare students to become technicians in a variety of STEM-based disciplines. Technicians perform quality assurance testing; complete design drawings; and carry out diagnostic, troubleshooting, and maintenance procedures on equipment. Solving problems, collecting and analyzing data, and conducting experiments are all part of the technician's role in engineering and design. Students interested in this area are typically hands-on learners who enjoy challenges and understand the power of teamwork. 

Skilled Trades & Construction Technologies

These programs offer many local and regional career opportunities. Expertise in crafts such as welding or electrical wiring is always in demand, and Wake Tech offers five programs of study for students who want a project-based, hands-on experience. Most instruction takes place in labs, where students work on industry-standard equipment; however, programs also include instruction in subject such as mathematics, blueprint reading, and code compliance.

Transportation Technologies

These programs – automotive, collision, heavy equipment – focus on complex systems that must be repaired and maintained by highly-skilled technicians, with practical knowledge of electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical theory. Instructors have years of field experience along with discipline-specific certifications and other credentials. Programs emphasize safety, professionalism, and skill-building for employment opportunities in high-wage positions that are in high demand.