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Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Technology Technician
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  • AAS - Associate in Applied Science
  • Diploma
  • Certificates
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An air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration technician is trained to design, install, and service air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration equipment in residential and light commercial applications.

Most homes, workplaces, and dining or entertainment spots have heat and air conditioning. Most also have refrigerators, freezers, and ice makers. There is an obvious need for qualified technicians in this field, and the industry is focused on keeping people comfortable, their drinks cold, and their food preserved. The AHR industry is one of the most demanding in that there are several trades involved. You must become proficient in the electrical, sheet metal, and piping trades. In order to accomplish this in the given time frame it takes a dedicated person who is willing to set goals and work hard.


    The AHR program is designed to provide students with the basic skills to design, install, and service air conditioning, heating and refrigeration equipment and is offered with three different degree tracks, Commercial A/C, Building Automation, and Commercial Refrigeration. Commercial A/C is for residential and light commercial applications, Building Automation covers building automation controls within the commercial HVAC context, and Commercial Refrigeration specializes in commercial refrigeration systems. Once they graduate, technicians may decide to pursue design work, fabrication, installation, or service work in a residential or commercial setting. Demand is great for qualified individuals in this field.

    Two Years, Two Days, One Degree - The AHR Fast Track Program

    • Enroll in the daytime AAS degree program.
    • Take classes two days a week.
    • Be available the remainder of the week to pursue a position in the trade while being a full-time student.
    • Graduate in two years with your AAS Degree in AHR.
    • Be confident you are job-ready, proficient, and embedded in a growing field.

    Space is limited so don't delay. Get on the fast track to success.

    The program includes:

    • HVACR Electricity and Electrical Equipment
    • HVAC Controls
    • Comfort Cooling Systems
    • Oil, Gas, and Electric Heating Systems
    • Maintenance and Servicing
    • Schematics and Diagrams 


    The industry needs personnel in all areas, including installation, servicing, and sales. According to job market research, there are between 15 and 25 jobs for every qualified technician nationwide. Starting salaries are between $11 and $15 per hour. However, with overtime and performance pay, several past graduates have reported making more than $40,000 their first year. This is a self-paced career, and earnings will rise rapidly with experience and knowledge.

    Employment choices among local or nationwide companies will be almost limitless: Johnson Controls, Piedmont Air Conditioning, Encompass, American Residential Services, Service Experts, Southern Piping, Triangle Refrigeration, Greater Raleigh Refrigeration, Johnstone Supply Company, Lincoln Properties, Fowler and Sons Refrigeration, and many more.

    Program Contact: James Freeman
    Email Address: [email protected]
    Office Phone: 919-866-5168