For more than 50 years, Wake Tech has changed the lives of thousands of people – helped them uncover hidden talents, start bold ventures, realize dreams, and sometimes, do the impossible. 

Each transformation is compelling, each story worth sharing – and Wake Tech students and alumni love sharing them! Take a look at some of their unique and inspiring stories.

Dahlia Watkins photo

Military Vet Goes High Tech

Dahlia Watkins - Class of 2011

“This has been a long time coming. I think my new employer saw the value of my Wake Tech education.”

Angela Nelson photo

Wake Tech Jobstart: A New Beginning

Angela Nelson - Class of 2011

“The tools I learned in Wake Tech’s Jobstart program helped me then, and they’re still helping me today.”

Martha Liles photo

Wake Tech: Providing Tools for Small Businesses

Martha Liles - Class of 2011

“People should definitely check out what Wake Tech has to offer!”

Emily Ward Photo

It’s All About Balance

Emily Ward - Class of 2011

“My growing family, my career, and my education - they’re all important. With online classes at Wake Tech, I can balance everything I value and enjoy life!”

Haley Swanson photo

A True Life-Saver

Haley Swanson - Class of 2011

“It’s a really good feeling knowing we made a difference.”

Pat Bazemore photo

Top Law Enforcement Officer Chalks Up A Number Of “Firsts”

Pat Bazemore - Class of 2010

“Without having gone through the Criminal Justice program at Wake Tech, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Virginia Brodie photo

A Push in the Right Direction

Virginia Brodie - Class of 2010

“My education has given me skills and employability, I’ve gained financial stability, and I’ve found peace of mind.”