Crunching the Numbers

Chris Mathews, Graduate

Chris Mathews

Class of 2018

Wake Tech gave me a brand new set of skills to help me move to a new stage in my career.”  

    — Chris Mathews

Fifty-one-year old Chris Mathews has been working in Wake County’s information technology department for more than a decade. A few years ago he decided to go back to school to learn a new set of skills. Chris loves crunching numbers and wanted to pursue an associate of science degree in Business Analytics, a fast-growing field and one he thought might help boost his career. He did some research and quickly settled on Wake Tech. “Wake Tech offered online classes that I could work into my schedule,” says Chris. “Plus, do the math - they are affordable!”

Chris enrolled and quickly got started. He did homework before and after work at his home in Clayton, often studying with his wife, who is also taking classes at Wake Tech. Chris also attended study sessions with fellow students and instructors at night. “It’s not easy balancing a job with my studies, but I am learning so much and it’s paying off in a big way!”

Chris already has a new job! He beat out more than 80 other applicants and was just hired as Wake County’s very first data scientist. In his new role Chris will identify, connect, and extract valuable conclusions for disparate data sets to help Wake County address its most pressing business problems and reach community goals. 

Chris’ boss sings his praises! “Chris has worked with business units across the county; from clinics, to libraries, to environmental services, to animal shelters, and detention services,” says Paula Roberson, Wake County Assistant IT Director. “He has taken the time to learn about the data they collect, and each one’s true mission so he can better serve them now and in the future. While his tech skills are awesome, his approachability, easy way, and willingness to assist are the traits that will guarantee his success in this new role!”

Chris has a few more classes to take before he completes his degree in May, but he’s already hard at work at his new job. Chris is excited and says he wouldn’t have been able to tackle a new challenge in the workplace without additional education and training. “Wake Tech gave me a brand new set of skills to help me move to a new stage in my career, it’s been a wonderful experience!”