A Style All Her Own

Dominique Gonzalez Photo

Dominique Gonzalez

Class of 2014

“Wake Tech worked best for me!”

    — Dominique Gonzalez

Dominique Gonzalez believes every day should be “a good hair day”! Her career as a stylist has blossomed since she graduated from Wake Tech’s Cosmetology program – and she’s now her own boss. 

Dominique’s passion for her work began when she lived in New York City. Finding she had a natural talent for styling hair, she learned everything she could from local stylists. But when city life began to lose its flair, she moved to North Carolina, and spent several years in customer service positions. Then, in 2012, Dominique decided to return to her calling and applied to Wake Tech. “I knew that was the cosmetology program I wanted,” she says, “and the tuition fit my budget.” 

Dominique had tried college before – a few times. She credits her Wake Tech instructors for pushing her to complete the program. “I wanted to give up so many times,” she says. “They reminded me that I had talent and encouraged me to keep moving forward.”  

She did just that, graduating in May 2014 and opening her own salon in Raleigh called Kreative Hair LLC. She says it was a big leap, and a scary one, but she already had clients she had acquired while at Wake Tech. In the future, she hopes to open additional salons, and is already researching locations and properties. She also plans to continue learning and growing in the profession. She attends hair shows and is taking Workforce Continuing Education classes at Wake Tech. She even comes back to the college on “Motivational Mondays” to inspire current students! 

“Wake Tech worked best for me,” Dominique says. “If I had given up, I wouldn’t be where I am now!” 

Connect with Dominique’s salon, Kreative Hair LLC, on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kreativehairsalon/