Success Stories

"I am a Wake!"

What does it mean to be a Wake? It means you’re part of the Wake Tech family of students, graduates, and supporters throughout the community. It means you’re informed, engaged, enthusiastic about sharing what you know – and always continuing to learn.

Wake Tech changes lives. We offer relevant instruction by skilled and caring faculty, expert guidance, and the support students need to excel. Our graduates are sought after because they are competent and confident – whether skilled technicians, industry professionals, or adventurous entrepreneurs. Success stories of all kinds begin at Wake Tech!  

Josh Fairhurst photo

Career Training Includes Fun and Games

Josh Fairhurst - Class of 2010

“Wake Tech gave me the push I needed to pursue the career I wanted.”

Wanda Fowler

A Series of Fortunate Events

Wanda Fowler - Class of 2010

“Wake Tech … helped me discover my passion.”

Reggie Holt Photo

Wake Tech Leads to New Career in Biotech

Reggie Holt - Class of 2010

“I wanted to become a better husband and father. I realized the only way for me to do that was to re-educate myself.”

Kidiosi Masasu photo

A New “Goal” in Life

Kidiosi Masasu - Class of 2010

“I have a new life now.”

Norma Miller Photo

Pastry Chef Aspires to Become Entrepreneur

Norma Miller - Class of 2008

“Wake Tech has given me a way to enjoy my retirement while supplementing my income.”

Alex Neese Photo

Re-Charged and Ready to Go

Alex Neese - Class of 2009

“I was offered the job even before I got my degree.”

Greg Orcutt photo

Will Work for “Green”

Greg Orcutt - Class of 2001

“Wake Tech gave me the skills to get one of the most fulfilling jobs anyone could ask for.”