What We Do

The Recruiting and Outreach staff interact with the community through high school visits, career fairs, parent nights, college fairs, business events, meetings, and coordinated campus visits. Our goals are to:

  • Meet regularly with local high school students and counselors to ensure they have the resources and support needed to promote academic success and awareness.
  • Provide local schools and businesses with the latest information about the wealth of resources and programs offered by Wake Tech.
  • As a participating partner in the Governors Rapid Response efforts for dislocated workers, we provide on-site support for groups within the community who have recently been laid-off and need information about the opportunities available for them to receive retraining and/or education in another field in order to re-join the workforce.
  • Lead campus tours for groups wanting an inside look at some of Wake Tech’s facilities.
  • Work with assigned Business Alliance in Wake County Public Schools
  • Assist with administration of the Accuplacer Placement Test and other college-sponsored tests

Our Mission 

The Recruiting and Outreach division strives to inform our community about the various educational opportunities that exist at Wake Tech by fostering relationships with local schools, businesses, and industry.