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Criminal Justice Instructor Training

This course is designed to provide the law enforcement officer with a fundamental background in the instruction of other law enforcement personnel. Successful completion of this course allows the student to apply to the Criminal Justice Training and Standards Division for certification as a law enforcement instructor. Each trainee is required to research, develop, and deliver a 70-minute lesson plan as part of meeting course requirements. Trainees must successfully pass the State-administered written exam as well as demonstrate competency in all skill areas in order to be eligible for certification as a criminal justice instructor.

Trainees must meet state-established prerequisites for admission to this course as addressed in 12 NCAC 09B.0302 General Instructor Certification. It is the student's responsibility to have the up-to-date manual of General Instructor Training, Student Edition. This manual must be ordered from the North Carolina Justice Academy, telephone 910-525-4151, in time to have it for the first day of class. We do not have these manuals on-site!

* Go to the North Carolina Justice Academy website, click: Support Services then click "Bookstore" and complete the Book order form for your Instructor Training Manual order.

This three-week course requires 100% participation; therefore, it is the student's responsibility to clear personal and business schedules prior to arrival. For participation in this course and prior to arrival to class, you should select and research an appropriate topic for the development of a 70-minute lesson plan. We recommend you consult with your supervisor to select this topic as you might be expected to teach within your agency. Your research should result in sufficient resources and information to begin writing the required lesson plan once you have received training on how to do so. Select a topic with which you are familiar since there is not sufficient time during the two weeks of class to research and become familiar with a new topic. Your completed lesson plan must be the product of your own work. Your topic must be approved by Mrs. Pope (School Director) prior to the first day of class and before starting on your lesson plan.