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We offer two courses in this category:  
NC On-Board Diagnostics (OBD II) Vehicle Emission Inspection and NC Vehicle Safety Inspection

Upon completion of each course, you will understand the rules, regulations, and procedures for conducting an inspection; be able to inspect a vehicle properly; and be prepared to sit for the state certification exam.

  • Classes are eight (8) hours of instruction
  • Registration fee covers all material used during class
  • Students must bring their own safety glasses 

The NC On-Board Diagnostics (OBD II) Vehicle Emission Inspection course is designed to meet the training and licensing requirements (initial and/or renewal) for the On Board Diagnostics (OBD II) Emissions Inspection Program. The NC Vehicle Safety Inspection course meets the training and licensing requirements (initial and/or renewal) for the Vehicle Safety Inspection Program. Both of these inspection programs are administered by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles License and Theft Bureau. 

Inspection Training Facility at Wake Tech's Eastern Wake Education Center (EWEC) in Zebulon. 

Industry-recognized credential: 

  1. Vehicle Emission Inspection Mechanic License
  2. North Carolina State Safety Vehicle Inspectors

Complete in: 1 month or less

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Industry Recognized Credential

Course Details & Registration Information

  • LT-310 Mechanic Application form (revised 6/20): Before attending each course (even if you have taken a course at Wake Tech before), the employer will need to complete the most recent version of the LT-310 Mechanic Application form. It must be signed by the employer and the student.
  • Three areas must be completed on the form. Any omissions will cause a delay in processing by Wake Tech and the DMV.
    • At the top, place an “X” next to “Add Employer.” You should also place an “X” next to “New or Renewal.” If working at additional employer stations, enter the station in the top right section.
    • The Mechanic’s Information section must be completed and signed by the technician.
    • The Employer Information section must be completed and signed by an official of the station.

NOTE: Upon successful completion of the class Wake Tech is required by the DMV to mail/submit the latest revision of the original, completed LT-310 form.

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This training will familiarize students with the mandates and procedures required for certification as a North Carolina On-Board Diagnostics (OBD II) Inspector-Mechanic. It is designed to meet the licensing (and licensing renewal) requirements for the OBD II Emissions Inspec...
NC Vehicle Safety InspectionSEF-3001BU22 available classes
This course prepares mechanics to become licensed to conduct official NC Vehicle Safety Inspections, according to the standards and requirements of the Safety Inspection Program of the NC DMV, License and Theft Bureau. Participants must bring safety glasses, a state-issued I...
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