Manufacturing Production Technician

Industry-recognized credential: Manufacturing Skill Standards Council Certified Production Technician

Complete in: The full Manufacturing Production Technician program takes 3 months or less. You can also take components of this program as individual classes.

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3D PrintingSEF-3001BQ1
This hands-on approach to the many aspects of 3D printing (additive manufacturing) uses a Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) system in a safe and efficient manner. The course provides training in computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) using a business grade 3D Printer and 3D CAD So...
Electrical ControlsSEF-3001BM1
In this course, students will learn how to use industrial control components, electrical symbols, and electrical schematics; wire an industrial control circuit given a description and a schematic; procedures and techniques for troubleshooting and fault analysis; and multi-me...
Mechanical Blueprint ReadingMEC-3010E1
In this fascinating course, you’ll learn to read and interpret blueprints – a skill that’s critical for manufacturing products to meet specifications and making sure finished parts function as intended! This course covers the three major elements of a blueprint: drawing, dim...
PLC ControlsSEF-3001BN1
In this course, students will review PLC components and functions; learn how to read an electrical/PLC schematic; connect a PLC industrial control circuit; program and operate the PLC; and download programs. In teams of two, students will wire multiple PLC control panel circ...
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