Credit vs. Non-credit

Workforce Continuing Education (WCE) courses are considered "non-credit." When you take a WCE course, you won't earn college credit towards a degree (except in some unique cases). But, you can earn industry-recognized certifications and CEUs in many WCE courses. 

Non-credit students can receive career coaching, support services, and financial assistance.

How to enroll in non-credit courses. 
  • No need to submit a college application or high school transcript. To enroll in non-credit courses, find the one you want in our WCE Course Catalog, then follow the unique registration instructions for that course. 

  • Please note: There are no payment deadlines or payment plans for non-credit courses. You must pay for a course at the time of registration. 

Credit for prior learning

There are many ways to receive credit for training you received in the past. You can also "test out" of some curriculum courses.

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