Retest Procedures

Students are allowed to retest if they have not enrolled in developmental courses; however, there will be a $10 fee for any test taken a second time. No student will be permitted to take the test more than two (2) times in one year. Students are strongly urged to review the test format online and to take very seriously the importance of the test in determining their academic placement.  Note:  There is a seven (7) day waiting period to retest.

Exceptions to the required retest fee include:

a) Students whose initial score in the reading and writing portions of the test are significantly different (35-90 points), indicating a problem understanding the mechanics of the test.
b) Students who took the regular ACCUPLACER initially, but need instead to take the ESL test to determine their language ability.
c) Students with disabilities who took the ACCUPLACER initially without appropriate accommodations.
d) Students who took the ACCUPLACER more than five (5) years before and require a second test to demonstrate current skill levels.

Students who need to retest on any portion of the placement test must see an advisor in the admissions office to get permission to retake the test and to get a retest card. 

Students also must pay the $10 retest fee:

  • Southern Wake Campus: Cashier’s office, Montague Hall Building, Room 110
  • Perry Health Sciences Campus: HA Building, Room131
  • Northern Wake Campus: Building C, Room 236D
  • Western Campus:  Room 100A
  • PSEC Campus:  Room 1718 

Students must present their receipt to testing center staff before taking the retest. 

The Testing Center strongly encourages all students taking a retest (on any part of the test) to prepare by visiting websites designed to help with test preparation. List of helpful sites.